UNIC Feeds: Providing Quality Solutions for LiveStock

India is witnessing a brand new generation of start-ups where these small enterprises are making their presence felt not just in the domestic sphere but also on a global level. The recent upsurge in the country's ecosystem can be administered to the latest initiatives and the boost up in economic scale strategies taken widely by the Indian Government that have brought up a new investment grid and scheme for startups and budding entrepreneurs. This current turn of events did not go unnoticed by N. Rajesh Kumar and he decided to foray into the entrepreneurial world with his dynamic venture-UNIC Feeds. Wholly owned by the Wolfwall resources, UNIC Feeds is a Coimbatorebased manufacturing company of Food & Beverages. "The fisheries and aquaculture sector is a vital source of livelihood, nutritious food and is brimming with a plethora of economic opportunities because of fish and fishery products being the most important agricultural commodities that are significantly contributing to the world's Feeds security and economic development. At UNIC Foods we are shedding light on the largely `invisible' dried fish sector of the country," says, N. Rajesh Kumar, Founder, UNIC Feeds

UNIC Feeds has designed an engineered feature aimed at addressing the drastic issues like Weight loss, moisture content, protein deficiency, impurities (silica) & other chemical dosage effects that are faced by Feed end user/animal livestock owners. The business model of the company is committed to achieve an Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free Zone with Zero Percent of negative environment impact. An unorganized and underdeveloped sector, the company is targeting to make quick changes and fill the gaps in the entire Supply Chain wherein the producer-distributor-retailer-end user will be benefitted. "Most workers engaged in the fish drying sector are hired under unfavourable
working conditions and these exploitative working conditions are undermining the well-being of the workers. Through our venture, we are giving labourers an environment where they will work with all the Safety Aids and will be protected from Sun Flares, Skin Damage and other health issues," says, Vinoth kumar, Director, UNIC Feeds.

N. Rajesh Kumar, Founder,Vinoth kumar, Director

Under the guidance of Dr. Bhagwan Gawai, Chairman and MD of CITAX Energy DMCC, Dubai & DASOFF Petroleum Services LLC; the company has grown tremendously and achieved a turnover of 250-400 millions in its first year. Established in 2018, the company is backed by a team of ex- perienced professionals who worked hard and were able to convert this extreme situation into an opportunity that is focused on solving the current innovative needs of the market.

The business model of UNIC Feeds is committed to achieve an Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free Zone with Zero Percent of negative environment impact

With manpower of about 250 employees, UNIC Feeds was able to achieve its initial production targets and is now managing four companies in various fields ranging from commodity trading, sea-food ecommerce, feed Manufacturing and Oil & Gas. "Our first initiative plant came up in the coastal area of Rameswaram and we are targeting to bring it in PAN India presence. We are expecting support from CMFRI, Ministry of Fisheries and also from Central and State Government. We will soon be setting up mega food production plan to manufacture the feeds at the rate of 60-100 tonnes/per hour capacity with estimated of 1000-1500 employees," Ravi kumar, Investor, Unic feeds, concludes.