Unispade: Empowering Brands with the Best-in-Class Marketing Agencies

Abhishek Rajan,   CTOEvery brand has a story to tell and to deliver it effectively to the target market, brands avail the services of marketing and PR agencies. The Adtech market has grown to become a multimillion dollar industry since 2017. Established in 2019, Unispade Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a Noida based B2B marketing agency discovery platform. Unispade adds value by saving a brand's time, effort and money that goes into finding a marketing agency.

The Challenge
When it comes to finding a marketing agency, there are three ways to do it, each with its own short comings and challenges. First is a basic Google search that doesn't give the right agency recommendations, and those appearing on top won't be the best relevant matches per the client's project requirements, but more of a location based data dump. Another option is agency directories and re-view platforms that are biased, which dilutes the quality and relevancy of search results. Some clients go for referrals and recommendations that might be more trustworthy but don't offer the luxury of enough options.

The Solution
This is where Unispade comes into picture. Unispade helps clients find marketing agencies and assists them through their complete project life cycle, right from providing recommendation till project completion. Its ESCROW payment service ensures that the clients are satisfied with the services provided by the agency.

"The clients that we are working with are quite satisfied with the progress and are
sharing more project opportunities with us", speaks Navcharan Singh Bali, CMO, Unispade

Unispade's goal is to address all the issues faced by the clients while finding marketing agencies. Unispade has registered 1000+ agencies, each having niche expertise, from three cities on its platform: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. It has generated a net profit of around 10 lakhs in the last six months since going live.

Unispade's goal is to address all the issues faced by the clients while finding marketing agencies

Gaining Traction
While the company is growing rapidly, it is acquiring new clients every month and building a great case for itself in the industry. On the tech front, Unispade is simultaneously building a proof of work platform for agencies where they can showcase their work via case studies and get them verified by their respective clients, bringing insights and authenticity beyond ratings, reviews and testimonials for brands that are looking for a long term marketing partner.

"With Unispade's Brand Based Agency Search you can search for any leading brand and Unispade will give you the list of all the agencies hired by that particular brand", says Abhishek Rajan, CTO, Unispade.

Unispade gathers a detailed project brief from the client and recommends 4-5 marketing agencies to the client within 72 hours. These agencies are shortlisted based on relevant industry experience and service expertise. Unispade's team curates agency case studies that are relevant to the client's project requirements. This helps showcase the agency's capabilities and industry knowledge. The Unispade team currently comprises six people with a collective experience of more than 25 years in project management, business development client relations, technology, product, design, operations and marketing.

Unispade is working on adding new features and capabilities while focusing on amplifying its growth trajectory in the years to come. It is aggressively onboarding new agencies on its platform and positioning itself as a reliable marketing agency search platform. Currently the team is building the platform's tech side and improving user experience on the website. In the next one year, Unispade aims to become the single source of truth for clients to explore verified projects done by agencies and expand to the US markets.

“Our central idea is to evolve the present marketplace into an ecosystem where Brands and Agencies can connect with each other and brands can take decisions about hiring agencies with absolute confidence” ,speaks Vishwa Vijay Rana, CEO, Unispade.