Universal Ally: We Understand Your Requirement!

 Neha Yadav, CEO & Founder

Neha Yadav

CEO & Founder

Not a matter of wonder, but it is a fact that we dwell in the 21st century and still live amidst the society that askes a girl ‘when is the marriage’ after her graduation. Hailing for a family where marriage is a priority for a girl, setting her family expectations apart, the bold and courageous women Neha took a step to create an identity for herself. Amidst the naysayers and disbelievers, she rose as an entrepreneur in her area of expertise and ventured Universal Ally in the year 2015. It was not that easy, the journey began without the acceptance of her parents, not just that several other leaps and bounds hindered the company’s way of growth until a year or so. Pushing all the unfortunate scenarios behind, the firm and passionate young lady grew her business into a recognizable brand in the recruitment industry.

The company caters to human resources services for companies and supports them with content writing as well. It is currently serving three European& four Indian Companies with direct recruitment along with that it works with the local recruiters who are looking for international candidates. Apart from this, it works for candidates in CV writing and other aspects while serving more than +200 clients every year. With a team of recruiters who are skilled in understanding
the needs of the candidates and the companies at the same time, it gives the best "HR Solution" with varieties of the offer. As a company that focuses on European, Middle East, and Southeast Asian Market Universal Ally is dealing with four international clients. Catering to state-of-art solutions, it aims to introduce the company to candidates and candidates to the company and help them both in finding each other.

Scaling up to heights with vast experience, Universal Ally is looking forward to expanding the presence by having a subsidiary in Portugal & Dubai

“We care for the candidates as well; I interview them to understand what they are looking for. Personalizing the calls to them and make them apply for all suitable positions. We have separate teams to deal with candidates and companies, which helps us pay full attention to the clients,” says Neha.

Shortly, Universal Ally is in plans of coming up with solutions for a reference check and also launch an online portal.”Our candidates can open there profile on our website where they can build their Personal and Professional Profile, Apply for Jobs, Search Recruiter, Company Information, Check the Status on Application and at the same they can search for other people and add them in their connection also they can request for the information on different topics the answer will be available to them in 48 working hours,” Neha informs.

She further adds, “We believe in transparency and follows the entire Acts & Laws such as “Data Protection Act”, “Labor Law”, and “International Labor Organization Convention.”

Founded in 2015 the company is specialized in different Industry such as Automotive, Aerospace, Airline, Banking, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electrical & Electronics, Fashion, Financial Services, FMCG, Food & beverages, Hospitality, Information Technology, Industrial Automation, Luxury, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Power & Generation, Retail, Shipping, Telecommunication, Travel & Tourism.

Scaling up to heights with vast experience, Universal Ally is looking forward to expanding the presence by having a subsidiary in Portugal & Dubai. It is also willing to acquire the Indian market sooner.