Univrse Virtual Reality Arcade: A New Age Entertainment Venue

(L to R)Kishore Godithi,Preetam Dhengle& Gaurav Totla,Co-FoundersVirtual Reality technology is growing at a rapid pace. Nagpur based Buzzy logic Innovations Private Limited, a technology company driven by a trio of engineers - Gaurav Totla, Kishore Godithi and Preetam Dhengle working in Virtual Reality technology has come in the forefront with an aim to be the market leader in this technology. The company was founded in 2016 with a vision of making Virtual Reality more accessible to everyone though its different initiatives.

In the team’s services vertical Buzzinga Labs, they create fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences for clients. They also are a Google trusted company for Street view and has an in-house team of VR photographers and developers. Also, they have ventured into creating VR experiences for manufacturing units which can help in marketing as well as simplifying audit processes for industries like pharmaceuticals. A first of its kind in the world, the concept of Invitations and Gifting in Virtual reality has also been introduced by the company.

Univrse- Experiencing Virtual Reality, Socially
The team has recently come up with Univrse Virtual Reality Arcade to bring in the next level
entertainment venues providing infrastructure to experience world class top rated Virtual Reality games and immersive experiences in room scale. Univrse in simple terms is a place to experience VR socially, a unique combination of VR arcade and food cafè at mall and high street locations. At Univrse, they tie-up with developers across the globe creating world class content, games and experiences and bring them right to the neighbour hood venue.

Univrse Virtual Reality Arcade brings in the next level entertainment venues, providing infrastructure to experience world class top rated Virtual Reality games and immersive experiences in room scale

Throwing light on, Gaurav Totla, Co-founder, speaks,“Univrse, as the name suggests VR and Universe, it takes you to a different virtual world where you can do things that are not really possible in reality. As we say, why play the game when you can live it! Our top-notch hardware allows the users to feel and get inside the games and experiences using VR headset, interact and play using controllers, move around, jump, dodge and thus forget the real world. Users can be in the game instead of just looking at it and get some exercise too!

The ideation of Univrse was not a single day development. The model evolved gradually. Initially, the idea was to explore more verticals in the VR domain. “Gaming and entertainment industry has direct
applications of this technology and we decided to take it forward. It is really exciting to be a part of the world-wide transformation of entertainment industry and it is amazing to see the rate at which VR is growing!” shares Preetam Dhengle, Co-founder.

In a nutshell, Univrse tends to be a social fun place where the customers can come, enjoy & experience. It has multiplayer modes for selected games and experiences where 2-6 player can join in. “You totally forget the reality and get teleported to an altogether different artificial universe. Moreover, you are not limited to the couch! You can move around the area and interact physically with the artificial surroundings inside,” adds Kishore Godithi, Co-founder.

Gaurav further adds, “We have now standardised the entertainment arcade model and are looking for franchise partners with space of 500-5000 sq. ft. in selected locations across the country to benefit from this lucrative business opportunity. Further, we are looking forward to enter education and skill development using this amazing technology. We have started piloting this project with educational institutes”.

What’s Next!
That the company has witnessed an exponential growth since its inception which is evident form their innovating models.

“We look forward to grow steadily with our Buzzinga Labs services vertical with presence in more cities and look forward to collaborate with marketing agencies and freelancers who have access to clients. Also, the path for Univrse Virtual Reality Arcades is to scale it through the franchise route” concludes Gaurav.