Upbeatz: Your True Brand Partner!

Nikhlesh Lakhmani,  Co-Founder & COO

Nikhlesh Lakhmani

Co-Founder & COO

With India being at the centre of digital revolution, the country is quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing online retail market in the e-commerce space. This convention has led to the transformation of the whole business module and has now given a new face to how we carry out business transactions. Just by a click of a button, you can get whatever product you wish for at the doorstep of your house. Be it a global brand or a local product, the sorcery of e-commerce makes available even those products that are sitting in the warehouse of other countries. One such company that is adding more value to the domain and is making global brands more accessible for the Indian consumer is Bangalore based Upbeatz. An online shopping store with products like gourmet, footwear and mobile accessories Upbeatz provides a local gateway for global brands to launch and scale in the Indian market. "During my days at Stanford, California I realised that there are so many great brands all over the world but there is a lack of platform through which these brands can enter the Indian market. At
Upbeatz we work with global brands in helping them build a market of their own and assist them in establishing a strong foothold in the Indian market,"says Siddharth Gadodia, Founder.

Empowering international brands to penetrate deep into the Indian market, Upbeatz understands the complexity of growing a brand in a diverse country like India and through its holistic approach helps them capture the market in a big way. The company employs a technology first approach wherein it is focused on building a Pan India manufacturing, distribution marketing, supply chain management and logistics network. The company's diversified portfolio that ranges from marketing, sales warehousing, inventory fore casting and offline retail sales for global brands is what is making the platform shine in the market.

At Upbeatz, we work with global brands in helping them build a market of their own and assist them in establishing a strong foothold in the Indian market

In a space where people do not provide any unique value added services to the clients Upbeatz initially had to combat against a number of challenges to make a breakthrough in the market. But by adopting innovative strategies and getting onboard the right kind of talent the venture was able to crack open through these hurdles. "We believe that only and only with passion one can make a difference and that is what keeps them going and helps us plough swiftly through the hard time. Furthermore we realized that only through a technology first approach we can help businesses scale up their operations and grow big in the market and that is what we are doing at Upbeatz,"avers Nikhlesh Lakhmani,Co-Founder.

Assisting midsized global brand owners with a customized end-to-end solution, the company is set to build and roll out its technology platforms that will help them penetrate the organized retail in the country. The company is also looking to raise funds to fuel its growth.