Uriel Design: Helping Brands Tell Their Stories

Siddharth Ganguly,   Co-founder & Principal Creative

Siddharth Ganguly

Co-founder & Principal Creative

Every brand has a story to tell. However, what distinguishes successful brands from the rest is not simply how good their story is but how they choose to tell it. A thoughtfully crafted narrative enables businesses to connect with customers on an emotional level and bring their brand to life. Mumbai-based Uriel Design, a full service brand consultancy, helps brands tell their stories through a combination of design strategy and aesthetics. The consultancy uses a unique, multi disciplinary approach to help clients strategise, reimagine and transform their brand experiences.

Uriel is a passion project turned design studio set to spread its wings. Since its inception in 2020, Uriel’s work has encompassed brand strategy, graphic design, packaging, identity, UI/UX, retail, and various other creative services that help complete a brand’s story. “And for the brands that think they do not have a story, we help them build one. We strongly believe in the power of story telling we tell stories that infuse warmth, induce smiles and leave a lasting impression,” highlights Siddharth Ganguly, co-founder and principal creative at Uriel.

Industry Experience And Inception Story
After working with multiple agencies in the graphic design industry for 19 years, Siddharth founded Uriel Design with the help of his wife, Soma Ganguly, who has a strong strategic sense for design and assists in day-to-day business affairs. Uriel also employs a pool of free lancers, including designers, copywriters, photographers, and digital experts.

The inspiration behind naming the consultancy Uriel Design is the archangel Uriel, known as the angel of wisdom and truth. “Our design thinking and wisdom go beyond aesthetics to solve complex brand problems. We don't just divine ideas but stay the course till we deliver results and establish deep-rooted client relationships,” mentions Siddharth.

Since packaging design forms a significant chunk of Siddharth’s work experience, it is Uriel’s flagship offering and constitutes almost 80 percent of the business. Besides packaging, Uriel helps clients enhance the retail experience for their customers through immersive point of sale (POS), shelf innovations, engaging shelf walk throughs, and creative posters. The consultancy has also recently undertaken its first brand experience project.

Success Mantra: Under Promise And Over Deliver
Despite starting operations when the Covid-19 lock down was imposed, Uriel has grown over the past two years with its ability to under-promise and over-deliver. As a hands-on kind of studio where the business owners are the lead creators and also the clients’ single point of contact, Uriel aims to understand a brand thoroughly, so that its work aligns with clients’ brand story.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Uriel successfully completed a fast-paced project for a multinational company, thus earning the client’s trust and creating a lasting impression. In a short span, Uriel has partnered with clients of nearly every size, which includes helping startups build their brands from scratch and enabling them to soar. “We know what it means to start small, but we also have what it takes to think big. Throw us a challenge and watch us fly,” states Siddharth.

Uriel now plans to build its business development and creative teams, continue serving clients across the globeand win awards and recognition through exemplary design work. "We are not just vendors but brand partners: Believing that the brands we work with are our babies, we shall continue to make every brand’s story shine through the clutter in the market,” concludes Siddharth.