UrPopular: Social Media Site for Influencers

Khushal Paliwal,Chief Technology Officer

Khushal Paliwal

Chief Technology Officer

The concept of micro influencer marketing is not anything new but it has gained momentum in the marketing circles in the recent past. Businesses are now seen spending a generous amount of their marketing resources on social media to spread good words about their products/services to their digital followers. Brands partner with individuals with smaller followings on social media to promote products with authentic, visual posts instead of sponsored ads. Recognized to be one of the promising adtech startups, Mumbai based UrPopular helps brands to create scalable micro influencer campaigns. Currently the solution to create digital campaigns is limited to facebook/ twitter/insta/Google ads. UrPopular brings measurability and scale to the campaigns by working with India’s largest pool of microinfluencers and nano influencers. The company help creates hyper targeted brand campaigns and create buzz varying from State to a particular locality. With unique cost per view and cost per reach micro influencer campaigns it adds several new ROI driven dimensions to brands.

“The industry demands ROI. Influencer campaigns being created till now lack measurability and just a post byan influencer cannot meet brand expectations. Adding a tech angle to the campaigns, we help brands in preplanning their influencer campaigns like they do on other digital media. Along with
this we add scale and measurability to the campaign. This is helping us as well to scale up not only in India. The platform is doing campaigns in South East Asian countries, MENA countries and Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia,Singapore,”says Kumaresh Bhatt, Co-Founder & CEO, UrPopular.

The company develops algorithms to determine the outcome during campaign planning. With the help of these algorithms brands acquire efficiency, simplicity and measurability in their campaigns. These algorithms offers a huge database of micro and nano influencers resulting in smooth campaign creation with scale and measurability that is measured by the reach, views delivered, and others.

UrPopular brings measurability and scale to the campaigns by working with India’s largest pool of microinfluencers and nano influencers

The Beginning
UrPopular is the brainchild of Siddharth Sinha & Kumaresh Bhatt. Siddharth has been in the creative field from last six years and has been into content and production field. Kumaresh is an IIT Dhanbad 2017 graduate, having inclination towards technology and business. During the course of their work, they observed that there was a dire need for organic promotion for brands. Working closely with independent people from long time who have a decent following on social media, they began gathering ideas and this eventually led them to establish UrPopular. “We now have a pan India reach of 120 million and creators in 11 languages across India. India’s biggest brands and agencies are organically signing up on the platform and creating their campaigns. We work in seven more counties apart from India,” asserts Khushal Paliwal, CTO.

The company works on large scale with the social networks in India helping to build them large communities by creating scalable campaigns. Geographically, it is present in India and brands from nearby SEA countries, MENA countries Australia have started signing up. In the coming years, the company aims to unlock 90 percent of the market engaging with vernacular influencers. The focus is also on strengthening the base in the countries in which it is operating. The team is looking forward to explore more avenues of monetization apart from brand campaigns for micro influencers. “Our motto is simplicity guided by technology. We are very happy for the users who are continuously signing up with us and we are making the system much better for them,”he concludes.