V Hunt Digital Media: An Advanced Technology Company Devoted To Delivering High Quality Content

Pratap Jain,Director and CEO

Pratap Jain

Director and CEO

We live in a dynamic digital era wherein the static digital presence costs high loss of lead generation for business. A static digital presence with stale or repetitive content can disappoint the information-seeking audience and loosing the leads is enough to damage one brand’s online reputation. While the digital penetration is increasing, companies are struggling to create unique as well as up-to-the-minute content to keep pace with the on-going market competition. To equip companies with quality and trendy content according to the market needs, V Hunt Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. leaves no stone unturned to offer innovative content that would successively maximize the digital revenue for their customers.

Being a promising name in the online content publishing domain, V Hunt is capable to morph a corporate website or blog into a full-blown online publication which is loaded with enough information that target audience looking for. The firm is changing the perspective of people
in the industry by being the single point of contact to address their quality content requirements, to assist in finding the right distribution channel and enabling companies to interact with the consumers to convert to loyal brand advocates. Pratap Jain, Director and CEO of V Hunt Digital Media says, “At V Hunt, we strive to create the type of unequalled and interactive content that satisfies our clients and compels them to approach us again. We are always innovating and trying to stay up-to-date in the content minefield so as to bring new variety of content for our consumers. Our expertise in the field allows us to offer suitable inventory for companies’ content management requirements and monetize with analytical approach.” Some of the unique range of services rendered by the firm includes Content Creation - Audio Recording, Text Content , Script and Concept Writing, Video Production and Animation, Content Management - Digitization, Repurposing, Trans-coding, Metadata and Keywords, Packaging and Publishing in addition to other services like Product Development, Digital Marketing, Inventory Monetization, WAP and Applications, and many more.

Till date, V Hunt has worked proactively with companies in various verticals such as Digital Publishers, Content Owners, ISPS, Brands and Advertisers, Telecom Operators, DTH Service Providers, Mobile VAS Companies, DDMS and so on.The firm can successfully navigate the complex field of creating a content-rich website for
their clients. Pratap shares, “Our core competency lies in facilitating Digital Engagement and maximum Subscriber Retention. Clients can only expect a hassle free service delivery from V Hunt. We deliver before our clients can remind us for the delivery dates and this is what gives us an edge over our competitors. I don’t remember a single call or text from my clients saying that they are waiting for our service. We respect our deadlines; that is the key of our success.”

Founded in 2012, V Hunt has touched fifth year of its lucrative journey. A pocket funded firm, the company has somehow always succeeded in maintain a 30-40 percent growth in the revenue year-to-year. Speaking about how the firm has charted out its roadmap for future, Pratap explains, “It’s our pride to reveal that today V Hunt’s operations are spread across India, Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh territories. In order to explore more markets, the company next targets to expand its operations into Africa, Latin America and European regions. We are on the way to confirm our presence in these markets as the discussions with the respective countries are already in progress. At V Hunt, we are all geared up with future ready content and one can expect new forms of content innovations and content delivery that we are going to serve to the world in the years to come.”