Vajra Global Consulting Services: Crafting Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Digital revolution not only brought in huge disruption in the mechanism of the traditional companies and startups but had changed the perspective and behaviour of the customers. With almost everything getting technological and online, businesses are coerced into adopting new age marketing strategies. Many took receipt of the right set of circumstances offered by this newly arrived discipline. It also enticed the attention of Ganapathy Sankarabaaham, T.N Nellaiappan and Sankarabaham G who deter-mined to reframe the entire B2B and B2C environment. With the objective to define the ways in which traditional companies could ameliorate their digital reach and online presence, they put in place Vajra Global Consulting Services LLP- fashioning optimal business strategy and helping companies' boost their digital brand image. "Organizations, new or old were vigorously looking for adopting digital marketing tactics to usher in their online presence. We decided to help them market in the context of the digital world. So our attempt has been to create solutions that would bring the customers close to the products and services offered by them," avers Ganapathy Sankarabaaham, Chief Executive, Vajra Global.

Established in 2016, the company has been supremely reigning as Marketing Outsourcing, Digital, Mobile App, LinkedIn Marketing and Creative Communication. Vajra's forte lies in SaaS marketing. It mainly concentrates on fortifying and enhancing the growth of the business by bringing about top-quality lead generation, lead to customer conversion, customer delight, and retention along with powerful con-tent strategy. "We aim at constituting a never ending gain by enabling our clients derive new and potential leads, developing extensive demand in the market or the targeted audience that ultimately boosts up the sales and popularity of a company," he adds.

Such constructive solutions are the outcome of innovative minds that form the team of Vajra. To make the best out of its team, the company has segregated it into five large verticals- technology, design, content writer, marketing and data analytics. Each
department dedicatedly accomplishs their task, meeting the requirements of the clients. "We have a team of both young enthusiast and expert professionals. They understand their responsibility of structuring solution keeping in mind the wants and the industry the clients belong too. They have been successfully handling the online, graphic & video, SEO, data and analytics department," he states.
Ganapathy Sankarabaaham,CEO
Team Vajra

Making Headways
Vajra's advancement in six years' time has been spectacular. Making a start with team strength of three, the company today is buoyed up by 50+ professionals. Its acing offerings have made it the most approve and sought-after marketing firm in Chennai. It has also made a significant mark in major geographies like Mumbai and Pune. To boot, the company has established international partner networks with grounded organizations in Asia-Pacific regions, UK, Australia and the USA. To which he adds, "In the last financial year, we have grown three times and we anticipate of growing three times more this financial year as well. At present, we are attending long term contracts with more than ten clients. We have altogether witnessed a horizontal growth."

Vajra Global is fortifying and enhancing the growth of the business by bringing about top-quality lead generation

The Time Ahead
Rooted in the city of temples, Vajra Global is all set to actively in-vest and leverage the power of the state-of-the-art technologies like AI to further enhance its business. In essence, the company aspires to do a pilot study about the revolution this technology is capable of bringing in the field of marketing. "The big radical alteration that is penetrating in every domain is mix -reality, AR and Artificial Intelligence. So from this moment forth, we want to figure out how to integrate such into the marketing landscape. We are focusing on understanding these technologies and applying them in a practical way that can deliver favourable outcomes for our client," he positively concludes.