ValetEZ Services: Parking Solutions at Your Fingertip

Smit Raturi,  Founder

Smit Raturi


The pain that vehicle owners face every day while parking in their city is unmentionable. A key challenge in the parking space is that outside of malls and selected commercial complexes there is hardly any digitization and use of technology in improving parking management or in providing vehicle owners with a quality and efficient parking experience. The idea to focus on building a smart parking infrastructure for a city emerged from the challenges faced by Smit Raturi and Prashant Chandrasekaran who were quick to sense the need of finding safe parking spaces in Mumbai and Bangalore. They founded ValetEZ in March 2016 and since then they have been leveraging technology to create an efficient decentralized network of parking infrastructure in a city – both for off-street and on-street.

Team ValetEZ is focused on using technology to create what they believe to be a new and improved template for urban parking management through a dynamic decentralized network. “While we believe in the power of technology to
address challenges, we do not hesitate to get our hands dirty in operations that can make a real difference to the customer at the last mile. We are focused on improving parking supply infrastructure, we will remain at the core of a firm focused on providing users a unique and much improved parking experience,” mentions Prashant Chandrasekaran.

ValetEZ is committed to building its technology stack in a manner that supports wide collaboration both at the technology layer and in delivering the most cost efficient solutions possible

valetEZ is committed to building its technology stack in a manner that supports wide collaboration both at the technology layer and in delivering the most cost efficient solutions possible while working with diverse partners in its industry. Even though at the moment, the company do not have any direct tie ups with the Indian Government, their smart parking management systems have been deployed at parking lots which are tendered out by the Government.

Parking your Vehicles Smartly with ParkEZ

“Our most significant product relevant to the smart cities vertical would be our ‘ParkEZ’ smart parking management platform which helps parking space owners to better
manage their operations in terms of entry and exit, inventory utilization, billing as well as analytics that focuson improving their revenues,”explicates Smit. The platform connects with a valet assisted parking service that customers can avail when needed.

A large integrated education and healthcare institution based in Bangalore which also occurs to be one of ValetEZ’ key partners has used ParkEZ smart parking management platform for overall parking management around their campus. In addition to ensuring a smooth parking experience for staff and visitors, visitors to the hospital within the campus can also avail a valet assistance service via the ValetEZ user mobile app to request for a door step valet pick-up and return facility.

The Road Ahead

Operating out of the office in Bangalore, ValetEZ fosters a culture that can deliver excellence in everything they do. In the coming years, the team has plans to focus on extending its parking technology platform to cover a large range of parking supply infrastructure while also extending valet assisted parking as a premium service in select areas where customers would need them. “As the network of parking spaces grows, users will be able to find and book parking spaces for different time frames and be able to find all their parking needs fulfilled through a single network,” concludes Prashant.