Valueshipr: Hassle free Goods & Cargo Transportation

Jyotheesh Kumar, Founder & CEO

Jyotheesh Kumar

Founder & CEO

The network economy era(Industrial 4.0) is taking the world by storm. New business models built on understanding and providing solutions to consumer pain points with digital as core enabler has come of age. Transportation in India and elsewhere is highly fragmented and unstructured and pose huge challenges to the users and strains the infrastructure. Mumbai based Valueshipr comprehended these challenges in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector and made it its stated mission to uncomplicate this sector by organizing, bringing efficiency, transparency and adding value to the stakeholders. "We firmly believe that every customer has Logistics requirements from moving raw materials into their facility, to moving finished goods from their facility. Further, these goods would be subjected to multiple modes of transport. Hence, at the outset, when we dimensioned the problem statement we were clear that we needed to offer clients a comprehensive solution to help them overcome their challenges. Therefore Valueshipr is multimodal and omnichannel platform across desktop, mobile APP or a single call for transactions," shares Jyotheesh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO. Valueshipr offers smart booking with freight quotes under spot, contract and to-pay, a smart asset to load matching, end to end tracking and visibility, automation in documentation, management reports, return truck management and POD management. It offers long haul, dry age, last mile and eCommerce deliveries, sea freight and air cargo services with other value added
services such as insurance, loading/unloading, short term warehousing and packaging. "We cover over 100+ key locations across the country, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, GCC and China," he says.

The ValueShipr product platform is versatile and scalable as it uses deep technologies that orchestrates and simulates work flows and use cases

The Valueshipr Multimodal Platform
The ValueShipr product platform is versatile and scalable as it uses deep technologies that orchestrates and simulates work flows and use cases, and it has found the right product market fit with its discerning customers. The team focuses on the customer having a frictionless and seamless experience with the platform. "After we launched the platform, we quickly realized that there were continual clients needs viz; Milk run(point to point) deliveries EXIM movements etc. All these activities have peculiar workflows and operational requirements. We were able to quickly turn around and offer these features to accommodate these requirements technologically and enable customers' transactions," Prashant Halari Co-founder & CTO asserts. The company is run by a team of highly committed and passionate professionals who have decades of experience across automobile, technology, Banking and Financial services and logistics. The team which has worked with some of the most premier institutions in challenging roles of Business and technology, conceiving products, establishing both physical and digital frameworks for distribution, decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship in 2016. The drive to create and the overall vibrant startup ecosystem was the key driver to launch the startup idea and deliver value.

The Journey Towards Success
Valueshipr as a boot strapped company with a high focus on unit economics and capital efficient growth has carved a niche over the years. The team has emphasized on the Product/technology and Service and a very cohesive culture amongst team members to drive the objectives. It has been growing its customer base and revenues over 100 per cent year on year and recently has been awarded as one of the Top SMEs 2019. Narrating the future roadmap, Jyotheesh avers, "We believe disruption would be led by our technology solution combined with passionate people, which would be the driver for adoption, scale and innovation. The technology infrastructure will help Valueshipr Be agile and move fast with a stable infrastructure, optimize cost and have value driven relationships. Our Vision is to be a Global Logistics Trade platform with a roadmap to deepen our presence across geographies and client types."