Vanaura Organics: Experience the Power of Ayurveda and Modern Technology for Radiant Skin

Dr. Nayana Sivaraj, Founder & MD

Dr. Nayana Sivaraj

Founder & MD

Ayurveda, being an ancient science, has always been the answer to all the contemporary world problems when it comes to health, healing, and general well-being. Ayurveda uses the right amount of ingredients to create a balance and enhance the benefits of the ingredients and best nourish the skin and benefit. Vanaura Organics is a skincare brand that offers a complete range of certified organic skin care products built on the philosophy of Ayurveda that derives effective and proven results. Being organic and sourced from the best in nature, Vanaura products are not only pure and harmless but also incredibly effective and unique. The wisdom of Ayurveda is applied in the formations and Cosmos-certified organic ingredients are used in the formulations. The products developed are in line with COSMOS Global standards for organic and natural cosmetics certified by ECOCERT.

The brand Vanaura Organics was born as a result of Dr. Nayana Sivaraj's genuine quest for pure, effective, harmless skincare products. Dr. Nayana is the founder and MD of Vanvision and an Ayurvedic physician by profession who specializes in Ayurvedic psychiatry. With her keen research on various skin care and cosmetic techniques and relentless association with global skin care experts, she was able to develop a complete range of skincare that best represents the benefits of Indian Ayurveda on the global platform.

Sustainable Sourcing & Packaging
The ayurvedic industry has been ever blooming given the sustainability and long term benefits for complete healing. The industry has been accepted by both arms by the global audience, concerned by the harmful effects of the chemicals and thus there is a major adaptation of organic and herbal products. When it comes to awareness, there is much at the global podium but due to certain fabrications and commercializing for benefits, the industry yet faces some challenges that could be a result of adulterations in the formulations as well as the hassles involved in the traditional pattern of application.

This is one of the major USPs at Vanaura Organics, that the formulations are pure and sustainable in the true sense and easily glide into the daily regime of a modern person as the application is easy and hassle-free. “Every product of Vanaura Organics is an assurance of quality, and purity and is made out of the finest ingredients in an ecologically sustainable manner. Also, most formulations are an all-in-one substitute for multiple products, yet more effective and chemicalfree. Vanaura Organics believes in ecologically sustainable development. The brand uses mostly glass and jute as packaging materials with minimal use of recyclable plastic”, says Dr. Nayana.

Vanaura Organics plans to launch its products on the global podium and project the benefits of Ayurveda for the larger good

Formulations For Daily Skincare Regimen
Vanaura Organics saw that there are infinite possibilities of the authentic time tested Ayurvedic principles and formulations found in Ayurvedic classics Charaka Samhita, Saranghadhara Samhita, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sahasra Yogam, mentioned in various contexts which deal with skin problems, ageless beauty, and overall skin health. These principles when combined with the best techniques in the fast pacing tech oriented world, that has less time and patience to spare, thus brought out the best and most effective formulations that are easy to use and apply to work at par with the modern skincare regimen.

Focusing on market acceptance, Vanaura Organics has been hugely loved and supported among other contemporaries where customers out rightly favoured the brand for its wonderful effects on the skin. Not only the benefits but they are also impressed by the functionality and practicality of the products that can be adapted into daily skincare. Vanaura has acquired a customer base of 2.3 lakhs and targets more in the coming years.