Vantage Circle: Encouraging Good Health and Fitness in Workplaces

Parth Neog,CEO & Co-Founder
Team Vantage Circle

“It’s never too late to start working to be our healthiest self”, believes team Vantage Circle. The New Delhi based company offers a platform that is real-time, instant, technologically forward and is in-line with the millennials that dominate the workforce today. Vantage’s comprehensive approach gives employees a pleasant and satisfying experience, creating a holistic work culture. “We are India's single largest aggregator for corporate deals, implying a plethora of choices for the employees to choose from. With our modules namely Vantage Shopping, Vantage Fit, Vantage Global Rewards, Vantage Social Recognition, Vantage Pulse- we offer choices that are highly flexible in nature to meet unique visions,” informs Partha Neog.

The Creation of Vantage Fit
A fact that both the co-founders, Partha Neog & Anjan Pathakare extremely fitness conscious is the inspiration behind Vantage Fit. Being part of the corporate culture for almost two decades,the duo sensed the negligence of health in the fast-paced, competitive lifestyle of
corporate employees. They realized - be it the impact of negative habits such as smoking or large intake of caffeine or positive habits such as fitness consciousness, peer motivation is a driving force especially in large enterprises. “We saw an opportunity there to take up physical fitness initiatives as part of our program that would be mutually beneficial for all,” speaks Anjan. The platform aims to encourage corporate employees to take up an enterprising and healthy lifestyle.

" Last year, team Vantage raked in revenues worth 4.3 crore with profits of 30 lakh and currently has over 8 lakh users"

Vantage Fit as an integrated Health and wellness application aims to rejuvenate health and fitness among corporate employees. It is a customizable application with unique features such as Track your meal, Track your water intake, Track your Activities(running, walking, cycling), Ongoing contests. The employees earn points on completion of the tasks and the points can be easily redeemed on the shopping platform. “On our integrated platform, we offer an array of services that include allowing employees to complement each other, recognize their work and letting employers reward performers,” mentions Partha.

The Vantage Journey
With a humble start in 2011, today Vantage Circle has grown as the largest employee engagement platforms in India. The company started off by offering special
pricing on different products and services right from restaurants, automobiles to home loans. From there,they slowly evolved to provide a fully comprehensive platform.

A testimony to their success is B-fit, a customized Health and Fitness program that they had launched for Bajaj Alliance on January 2017. “We ran a three months campaigns with them where employees actively took part in the fitness activities. The participation was huge and people were walking up to 50,000 steps. This campaign was very successful,” mentions Anjan.

Exploring Endless Possibilities
At present, Vantage Circle has more than 2000 tie-ups with diverse brands and engagement of around 10 Lakhs of employees from across a number of companies like Infosys, Cognizant and Deloitte to name a few. The company’s customers include eight of India’s top ten IT companies and others, including Deloitte and JP Morgan. Last year, the team raked in revenues worth 4.3 crore with profits of 30 lakh and currently has over 8 lakh users.

With continuous support, mentorship and motivation from K.C Ramakrishna and Raghu Bathina - the advisory board, team Vantage Circle envisions becoming a global leader in cloud-based employee engagement solutions. “We will continue working on our physical health awareness initiatives. Encouraging good health and fitness in the workplace will always be our priority,” concludes Partha.