Varcas Interactive: Innovative designs & Ideas that transform brands into lifestyle

Sonu Singh was working with sponsors in the esports industry. During this time, he observed a major gap in engagement between the brands and their audience. He believed social media to be the problem solver and decided to zero in upon creating an agency that could bridge the gap by creating and telling the story of a brand instead of just pushing the products. “I was using Facebook since the time it had started and loved creating content. I saw the transition of how social media platforms became a major part of people’s lives and companies marketing strategy. I was fascinated by the concept of social media and started learning more about it and trends. We didn’t hesitate to experiment or do something new which gave us a chance to work with a diverse client group,” speaks Sonu.

Started with an idea in 2014, Varcas now is a family of creative individuals. This batch of smart cookies has worked on social media campaigns, web designs, blogs and created a unique way to engage users over the years. It offers brand strategy and positioning, social media marketing, report design and data visualisation. “We focus on humanizing brands and adapt strategies as per trends and analytics. Too many agencies try to do everything and find it hard to achieve something remarkable. At Varcas we understand our client’s goals and provide them with tailored solutions instead of spending their money on all marketing platforms,” he says.

Sailing against the Wind

At the start, team Varcas encountered challenges such as competing with the big players in the industry, competitive pricing, lack of investors’ interest. The major challenge was to compete with the already established agencies who have decades of experience and are a reputed name in the
market. “We didn’t have the budget to promote ourselves so we relied on our work to do the talking. We focused on medium scale businesses and executed campaigns which were best suited for them as per their budget, giving consistently high ROI,” shares Sonu.
Sonu Singh,CEO

Over the years, the company has carved a niche for itself. It has worked with 100+ clients in 30 different countries. “We are not a big company but we are working our way towards it. We are driven by a genuine commitment to the mission of each client, and every day we roll up our sleeves to produce exceptional work and challenge our abilities,” he says. The team has worked with clients from different countries which have helped them grow in better understanding of consumers as well as their culture, demographics and their buying patterns.

Varcas has worked with 100+ clients in 30 different countries

The Growth

Varcas has been named as one of the Best B2B Marketing & Advertising Agency 2019 - India and Most Innovative Creative Agency - Karnataka in CV’s Media Innovator Awards by CV Magazine, Top Advertising and Marketing agencies India 2019 by We keep constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas and strategies that resonate with the brands and audience. Our future goal is to become an Ad agency with a global presence providing all the marketing and creative services under one roof,” he mentions. The company is in the process of building a production team. The team is also working on setting up its first international office in Santa Clara, USA.