Varun Mitul Vora: A Problem-Solver, Innovator, Diligent Leader

Varun Mitul Vora,  FounderProblemsolving is a very crucial trait when it comes to entrepreneurship. As a founder and a leader, an entrepreneur must possess the skills to identify the pain points and to successfully navigate through them. Only a problem-solving mindset can help to adapt according to a situation and bring critical solutions to the table that can improve different aspects of a business. A perfect example of such a mindset is Varun Mitul Vora, the founder of Bsideu, one of the largest ambulance provider in Mumbai with a sizeable pan India presence. It is Varun’s innovative and analytical thinking that has made this venture a growing success as he was able to recognize the issues and come up with the right solutions and execute them efficiently.

Inception of Bsideu
Varun comes from a business family that has over 20 years of experience in the business space. Bsideu started from the parent company and family business Health India TPA, a pioneer in the health insurance sector. It was around 2019 when Health India TPA was forced by its brokers to provide wellness entities alongside their offered services. As a result, services like doctor on call, annual health checkup facilities, and 24x7 oncall ambulances for emergency and non-emergency transport were added and eventually it paved the way for the inception of Bsideu. Interestingly, during the global pandemic, the company was able to recognize the gaps in the ambulance service sector and address these issues and provide adept services. Needless to say, this period gave the company the boost it needed for its ambulance vertical. Today, within a couple of years since its inception, Bsideu has matured to become a success in this space with over five thousand ambulances, fifty corporate partnerships, and a network of over 7000 hospitals providing services on a pan India level.

Addressing the Gaps in this Space
One of the main reasons behind the success of this venture is the lack of proper infrastructure for an existing system. In other words, the government ambulance services in India are not as efficient and effective as they are supposed to be and there have been incidents reporting failure in swift response to actions. Varun was able to see this gap in this space and was successful in bridging those issues through Bsideu. Similarly, another factor contributing to Bsideu’s growth is the availability and usage of technology. All the company ambulances are equipped with new-age GPS systems that allow tracking the location and monitoring the route and fuel consumption. This not only allows us to check the efficiency of the services but also that of the drivers. Not only that, the company has a portal that enables patients to book diagnostic ambulance services in advance. Moreover, the portal is backed up by a 24x7 call center that ensures the booking, and tracking and offers assistance when needed. Another key feature of Bsideu is the availability of ambulance services in the nearest area.

What makes us different from others is our technology, operational efficiency, staff auditing, & quality of the equipment

To explain further, Varun and his team have made sure to set up room services for drivers and paramedics according to major city pin codes. This way, when a call is received, the service can be dispatched from the nearest area. Furthermore, the company provides quality ventilators (Resmed 150) that allow transporting a patient directly to a hospital without taking off of the ventilator. This reduces the chances of risking the patient's life. “What makes us different from others is our technology, operational efficiency, staff auditing, and quality of the equipment”, says Varun Mitul Vora, Founder of Bsideu.

Within a short period of time, Varun and his team have managed to expand to different parts of Maharashtra, especially the rural areas, and have saved hundreds of lives. When his ability to make use of resources skilfully coupled with his family background, Varun was able to understand the nuances of business and triumphantly sail through all the challenges he came across. Besideu will continue to push all the limits and innovate the private sector ambulance services and will rise to become one of the key players in this space.