Veclan: Making Lives Better with Clean & Healthy Plant-Based Food Products

 Deep Harlalka,  FounderFrom being a tiny micro trend on the periphery to broadly being embraced as a mainstream movement, veganism has come a long way. Our newfound emphasis on health is a major factor in why veganism is so relevant today. Both large and small firms are experimenting with sustainable alternatives across categories in response to this developing trend and the recent surge in vegan consumers. In India, there are limitless opportunities for the plant-based industry, and Veclan is on a mission to disrupt the cheese market by producing dairy alternative products sans the use of animal origin ingredients.

A new entrant into the world of vegan cheese, Veclan’s mission is to educate consumers about the clean, healthy product choices available to them through a plant based diet and lifestyle. “During the lockdown, I stumbled upon this incredible documentary called the Game Changers, which completely altered my perspective on food for the rest of my life. That explained the science behind food and how a vegan diet can benefit human health, the planet and the environment, animals, and so many other different aspects of our lives. And so, after viewing this documentary, I was really fascinated by the vegan lifestyle which further led to the foundation of Veclan”, speaks Deep Harlalka, Founder, Veclan.
Today, Veclan is striving to make plant based living the ultimate objective and boost the vegan community by offering goods that are good for the environment, the welfare of animals, and human health.

Veclan is a plant based flavor revolution in every aspect, providing pure satisfaction with every bite. “We started with dips and spreads and introduced the flavor profile of our food category in various states, to dispel the myth that vegan food can be just as healthy and tasty as traditional dairy-based products. After going vegan for about eight to nine months, I realized I was missing cheese. I was craving it. At that point, the idea struck me that I couldn't tell people to give up cheese if I wanted to convince them to adopt a vegan lifestyle because it would be impossible to convince any human being to do so. So, with that in mind, I introduced vegan cheese in the year 2022 and urged people to at least give it a shot”, shares Deep Harlalka. Veclan’s Cheese shreds and spreads are of incredible quality which are available across India via e-commerce sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Online Vegan marketplaces and their own website.

Recognized as ‘Best Vegan Cheese by PETA’, Veclan intends to provide a tonne more products and satisfy every new demand from clients

Veclan believes that if brands can create tastes and flavors that are as close to what people have been eating for years, the vegan community will be able to grow even further. "I founded this business to contribute to the transformation of our food system and to develop a novel method for growing delicious and nutrient-dense products without endangering animals or the environment. Our goal is to create a thriving, sustainable, and compassionate food system”, says Deep Harlalka. Veclan's long-term goal is to duplicate customers' favorite dairy delicacies in a sustainable way. Veclan has also won the award for ‘Best Vegan Cheese by PETA’.

Currently, Veclan plans to expand into many additional product categories with the goal of meeting customers' needs while also somewhat enhancing their health. “It's quite exciting to note that during the course of our two-year journey, we have received excellent feedback from all types of clients among the many consumers we serve. We sincerely hope to delight more and more consumers while providing them with value”, signs off Deep Harlalka.