Vedanshi: Modifying the various Line of Businesses

  Satish Jadhav,  FounderThe tech startups in India have witnessed an extreme upsurge in the past decade, making it one of the most prosperous sectors in the country. The advent of new technologies and the emergence of startups have procured this industry the fourth largest position in the world. It has also led to the springing up of many worthy of attention tech Unicorns. These unicorns have created remarkable disruption in the market and have enticed attention of other influential overseas tech startups. Hence, these startups have completely changed the entire facet of sectors like healthcare, finance, education, wellness & fitness among other. This change is brought through the significant contributions, innovation and developments drawn up by these technology-driven startups. One such innovative startup is Vedanshi which was established by Satish Jadhav to bring about far reaching modifications in the various lines of businesses.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Satish has always dreamt about
fortifying the technology industry. He aspired to build a platform that could captive people’s mind and at the same time boost the level of their curiosity. The company yearns to simplify and solve the end-user’s life by delivering reliable solutions. It specialities lies in its services such as Technical Consultant and Development, Virtual Reality (VR), Build Operate and Transfer tm model (BOT) and Proof of Concept plans or ideas(POC). To boot, it also proffers SAAS based products such as SchoolOTG, ZenithCaas, Magic Mirror, Lawgical and Rapid POC. “We moulded the features of Vedanshi in such a way that it would grab the attention of all the people who view our websites. We live by the have set our hearts on making it a top-notch technology company,” Voices Satish.

"Vedanshi yearns to simplify and solve the end-user’s life by delivering reliable solutions"

Having spent fourteen years in this industry, Satish has mastered all the prowess and knowledge which has enabled him to launch and administered the company weighing every pros and cons. The expertness of his has assisted the company to combat every challenge that came its way. Dwelling in an expensive burgh was one major concern for Vedanshi. The other stumbling blocks that it was subjected to were funding issues, legal matters and of course getting the right people in its team. Gradually and with the support of an efficient team, the company overcame all the snags. “We have a young and energetic team of engineers all working towards the
completion of the company’s vision and mission. And at Vedanshi, we have been maintaining a healthy atmosphere to encourage positive teamwork and productivity,” he avers.

In a span of just two years, Vedanshi has made tremendous head ways in terms of revenue, clients and geographical presence. IT has so far rendered services to about 23 clients across India, USA, South Africa and Europe. It’s School OTG and ZenithCaas products are serving more than 20 institutes, and three Pharma companies. Furthermore, its VSPL service has already delivered three copyrighted concepts and three registered trademarks. “We can proudly say that we are entering in $42 Billion fashion industry with our Social Media product "Magic Mirror" which based on our patent-pending concept,” states he.

However, Satish and his team are stopping at nothing; in fact they are very much bound and determined to procure new attainments. It has set a target of acquiring one lakh students for SchoolOTG, more than 21 pharma companies for the Zenith- Caas and also planning to release couple of SaaS products based on “Policy Based Live CCTV AccessTM” proprietary service in this very year. “We do not want to miss any opportunity. So we have planned to work in a more organized, determined and competent manner which is the basic mantra to make endeavor a success,” he concludes.