Veegent: Bringing Cost-Effective Solutions that Adhere to the Best Quality Standards

Nilesh Kumar,  Global Head

Nilesh Kumar

Global Head

Globally, the increased IT spending, coupled with the widespread adoption of software as-a-service and increased cloud-based offerings, indicates the demand for IT services in the industry. The expanding popularity of cloud-based software, as well as growing worries about the need to automate business processes, are driving up demand for IT services around the world. The market for cloud-based IT services is rapidly expanding. Managed Infrastructure is growing in popularity since it allows businesses to concentrate solely on their core business operations.

Veegent,as an IT service provider, has been maintaining the availability, flexibility, and scalability of IT services to meet the needs of clients by delivering appropriate solutions and services that are both accessible and usable at a cheap cost. They offer services to businesses of all sizes(SME to big enterprises) while adhering to internationally recognised standards such as HIPAA, ISO-27001, GDPR, CMMI, and CMMC. As the market is constantly changing, Veegent combines data, statistics, and creativity to gain a methodical and unambiguous understanding of neglected client requirements and potential. They use this information to help their customers get a better return on their investment. Veegent was established in the year 2017 and has been recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.

"We organization collaborates closely with clients and their teams to ensure that the brand identity is maintained. Our team is comprised of people with varying levels of technical, advertising, and promotion expertise. I could say Veegent is India's most booming digital marketing agency for this reason", opines Nilesh Kumar - Global Head of Business Development, Veegent.

As the majority of businesses are transferring their operations online and utilizing cloud technology to streamline operations and expand their market reach, Veegent delivers value by providing end-to-end IT solutions with expert consultants and engineers to meet today's IT needs across all verticals and geographic locations. Veegent is perfectly positioned to deliver full Azure and AWS
Cloud Solutions, as well as Cyber Security solutions and services. With this, customers can concentrate on their core business while their IT operations are taken care of. Veegent is a value driven company that thinks IT service providers should provide strategic solutions to their customers in order to increase revenue and deliver measurable value to their end customers.

We want to provide enterprises with cost effective, comprehensive cyber and digital solutions and intend to take an ethical approach to make the digital environment far more efficient and holistic

Veegent offers various services such as cloud and network, cyber security, project staffing services, data center build with tier certifications, application security audit and managed services. Technology is constantly evolving in the market, and to reap the benefits in daily life, one must stay up to date and use it appropriately. This was the company's fundamental learning and they intended to use it to help others by delivering services.

The firm has established separate teams for each operation to ensure service deliver ability is seamless. The company’s core team consists of 25 consultants who have expertise in Cloud Solutions, Security Solutions, Storage Solutions, Networking, AI & IOT, Digital & Business Solutions, and other IT disciplines. This is further backed by a team of qualified and certified engineers, as well as project managers who have a combined experience of 20+ years in the field; thus providing a complete end-to-end solution. The company's strength isn't just in providing cloud or infrastructure solutions; it's also in providing comprehensive security services that keep its customers safe and satisfied.

The company's major objective is to serve as a one stop shop for its customers, ensuring that their needs are met immediately. They have been offering important solutions to SMB and IT Enterprise customers in India, as well as establishing themselves in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and are preparing to open a new operations center in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States in the coming days. They have already authorized their regional partners to serve these areas. The company's next step will be to build more partners and open regional offices in order to service the international market and its global consumers.They will place a greater emphasis on cloud, security, and storage, as well as AI and IOT. They will also soon provide SAP supporting applications to help SAP customers lower overall costs and secure their infrastructure.

“Going forward, we would be constantly updating our competencies so as to provide thebest-in-class solution and enable their IT infrastructure to maximize output and reduce operating costs. This would be carried out by employing the correct tools and delivering low-cost support. We would be partnering with other promising IT companies to bring the needed innovation in the industry", concludes Sugandha Devi Singh, Founder & MD at Veegent.