Vendiman: Smart Affordable & Automated Vending Solution

Umesh Asher,    Co-founder

Umesh Asher


Based out of Mumbai, Vendiman Pvt Ltd. (Vendiman), with ambitious efforts, is well set to prove that the model of unmanned automated vending is an imperative and central element of the retail industry, and will soon be interwoven in the Indian society.

Vendiman currently brings the concept of automated merchandising and convenience retail to India, through innovative technology driven vending solutions. Vendiman has a team that is emerging, young and bold. Their promoter group has been a part of the food industry for over three decades, with experience in International Trading, Manufacturing and Retailing of food online/offline on a Pan India level. Showing meteoric growth in the past few years, from providing only snacks and beverages vending solutions initially, the list of services now includes a broader and more comprehensive range of vending solutions(Ready to eat RTE, health & personal care, IT peripherals/electronics, stationery and others) for its clientele.

Vendiman wishes to address the problem of time management in today’s fast-paced era. The business model has tailor made retail solutions for corporate companies, education institutes, hospitals, airports, and other public spaces in the country, in the form of automated, customized vending machines. “We thoroughly value the concept of the ever evolving need for convenience. Today, time is a resource almost every individual struggles to manage; and hopelessly craves. This notion sprouted the attractive idea of bringing automated retail to India, to help save what we could of our increasingly precious time. We offer everyone an easy way to shop, and Brands, an easier way to sell,” explains Umesh Asher, Co-founder.

As a customer focus, integrity,and innovation based company, vendiman believes in delivering the highest quality of service and operational excellence to its customers through innovative and best in class solutions

Since inception, the services quickly grew to 18+ cities within India with a motivated workforce that manages the operations with skill and intricate attention to detail. The company’s focus was to solve problems with technology. With 2.5Mn+ monthly transactions and crossing1Mn+daily outreach, it offers an expedited way for people who are pressed for time yet want to grab a bite on the go. Their vending machines are viewed as novel and buzz worthy. Like the proliferation of food trucks which reach customers in a less expensive way than traditional brick and mortar restaurants, vending machines are a more flexible option, going beyond what has historically been customary.

Rajesh Shrishrimal, Co-founder

Vendiman’s goal is to satisfy an immediate need of the consumer and also increase contextually appropriate brand awareness. If a consumer is in the mood for a snack or beverage, he/she should have some options of satisfying said cravings, regardless of their own whereabouts. “Our thriving customer service has been our key achievement and is what makes our brand most compelling. With exciting expansion plans on the chalkboard, we look forward to many more successful milestones,” Asher asserts. They hope to eventually build a strong network of infrastructure that caters to the needs and wants of the general public, at popularly acceptable prices.
The Unique Features
The machines by Vendiman currently have multiple types which are able to sell products across various categories like crisps, namkeen, beverages, confectionery, RTE, electronics and many more. With continuous additions to the list of partner brands,it assures superb variety. Customization of combinations of products to include is highly suggested and their team of merchandising experts give diligent advice respectful of timely market trends. All the products are FSSAI approved, guaranteeing the highest standard of quality. Their love for technological advancements has pushed them to ensure their machine can cater to cash or cashless payment modes, giving a seamless end to end experience. The machine’s design inherently ensures no occurrence of spillage/ breakage for any of the merchandise. “Our machine is designed to maximize convenience, empowering the end user to make their purchase with no lines, no limitations and no hassle solely at MRP” says Pratyush Kamdar, co-founder.

Pratyush Kamdar, Co-founder

Towards a Brighter Future
As foot traffic in physical stores decreases, brands have declining options to get their products in front of consumers. That’s where unattended retail shines selling products from vending machines. Vendiman finds that millennials; the generation that favours experiences over material goods, are very interested in buying things without human interaction and would like to invest in personalized experiences. This shift in the tectonic plates of consumerism will, perhaps, permanently change the retail landscape. The Vendiman team strives every day, to become a leader in cashless transaction technology coupled with personalised inventory management, offering the best operational services needed for the gargantuan scope of unattended retail.