Veris: Building smart workplaces for a generation born amidst Technology

Aastha Sharma, Anoop Poonia & Vaibhav Jain,Co-FoundersThree overachieving mavericks with one common frustration and a shared commitment to building a value-creating enterprise is what became the eventual genesis of Veris, a leading pioneer in workplace transformation. Aastha Sharma, Anoop Poonia and Vaibhav Jain, Co-founders at Veris resonate, “Each time we visited offices, hotels, schools, and even factories, the scenario was equally frustrating. We were asked to stand in queues, show IDs, fill logbooks, and waste time in coordination.”

Over four years, Veris has transformed the way India Inc. welcomes its guests. It has captured unrivalled leadership in the Indian Visitor-Management landscape; on its way to global dominance over the next two years. It is trusted by 250+ enterprises across industries including several fortune 500 enterprises such as EY, RBS, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, among others that use their offerings across their Pan-India offices. At present, Veris has secured 1000+ offices having welcomed 10 million+ visitors globally, so far.

In a world where startups chase 2-day acquisitions and inflated valuations, Veris values the age-old concept of positive unit economics and scaling, but with sanity. Backed by customer-centricity and continuous innovation, Veris continues to shape technology trends, but it is the people that make Veris a force to reckon with.

The Team
Veris is now 30 strong, all with one commonality - The mind of an entrepreneur and the soul of a hustler. Each member is a creator in their own right, building new coding engines, six-sigma sales training programs, or novel customer-satisfaction frameworks.

Veris believes that constant innovation is the only way to garner a sustainable competitive advantage. And that is the very reason why the teammates are encouraged to strengthen their risk-appetite daily. The leadership spends countless hours to build a dynamic and flexible culture that evolves with its people.

Veris raises proactive creators who own every single task they take up. The team is connected by an unsaid oath - To go above and beyond in delivering customer value.
This is a team that does everything from customer satisfaction, client analysis, process flowcharts, even decorating; together and it's this rare solidarity that makes each endeavour a joy ride.

What do the Employees have to Say about the Company?
“I received a frantic call from the founder of India’s fastest growing gaming-solutions company. Their check-in vendor had gone AWOL the night before their largest annual event (40,000 attendees). The challenge to set up 20 check-in kiosks in 12 hours with a three-member team. This task typically takes 7 days and a 10 member team.

Undeterred, we worked round the clock, managing six delivery cycles, testing three software versions and playing the role of app testers, technicians and customer-support executives. Ultimately, the kiosks were live, six hours before the deadline. The client was extremely pleased and gave us the visitor-management mandate for their Pan-India offices. We believe that you don't need the largest army to win the toughest battle. You are better off with a smaller team united by a singular mission, brimming with a deep sense of ownership,” says Divya Dewan, Head of Marketing & Communications.

A combination of phenomenal people, unyielding principles and strategically designed scalable processes are what make Veris a force to reckon with

Amogh, the company’s tech Ninja says “Minimum Viable Product is not a concept to be understood cognitively but a mindset to be embodied. Right from the start, we are trained to build, break, rebuild and repeat this process. Veris gives us a safe space to try multiple permutations, come up with oddest of ideas and create most peculiar additions.”

Kostubh, driving the product strategy function shares, “Employees can request for role changes periodically and choose one fitting their aspirational career trajectory. Veris supports flexibility, keeping the bull's eye on the result. It’s a culture where human capital is trusted. The end-outcome is always questioned; your effort is not.”

Veris continues to amaze employees with engaging new initiatives such as in-office mindfulness sessions and digital wallets for peer-to-peer recognition, among others. As we speak, their teams are prepping for their monthly town hall themed ‘What do I not do?’, where every cross-functional pod will map gap areas and solutions together under one roof. This will be followed by their tradition of jamming & breaking-bread together.

The Vision
To partner with enterprises worldwide to build integrated smart workplaces for a generation born amidst technology. Towards this, they have rolled out a compelling suite of offerings from visitor management and conference room management to front office automation mapping inventory, deliveries, or capturing feedback.

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