Vexma Technologies: Integrated Solution Provider for Industrial Design, 3d printing and Industry 4.0

With the country witnessing a gradual shift from the conventional manufacturing techniques to the new high-end modern-age technologies that are faster, efficient and highly precise, the country's 3D Printing market is seeing an upsurge in its demand. Shaurin Patel and Shailendra Patel took notice of this upward growth trajectory of the Indian 3D printing market and realised the limitless potential of the segment. Understanding the scope of opportunities prevailing in the domain, Shaurin and Shailendra thought that it was the perfect time to invest in the untapped market segment and together they laid the foundation of Vexma Technologies. "Back when we visited the fourth 3D printing industrial expo AMSL we met with the executives of GE, Siemens and learned how they were still working on understanding the implications of the technology with their industries. At that time there were only a few service providers catering to the requirements where we thought of venturing into this market," says Shaurin Patel, Co-Founder, Vexma Technologies.

An engineering consultancy which uses Manufacturing 4.0 methodologies for its services, Vex-ma Technologies intends to deliver refined low cost Electrical and Mechanical Engineering solutions using comprehensive know-how of additive manufacturing, embedded systems and IoT. From 3D Printing Service, Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Services to Electrical Engineering Services and Research, the company offers a wide array of services to its clients

"We spend heavily on customizing our 3D printers and we continuously invest in new technologies to cater to the wide range of applications and their material requirements. Most of our exclusive material which is used in 3D printing and Product Development is imported and tested," adds Shailendra Patel, Co-Founder, Vexma Technologies. At present they have over 30 exclusive thermoplastics and other application based materials to fulfill various requirements of their customers.

Being a massive supporter of green and eco-friendly technologies, the company ensures that all manufacturing processes is suitable for Indian suppliers, directly contributing to the `Make in India' campaign. In addition to this, the company specializes in IoT and Automation Solutions where it converts an existing product into an IoT-connected product while also helping customers extract intelligent data. Vexma Technologies successfully carried out a number of projects which include Concept E-Auto Prototype, Connected Vehicle Control System, Food Sorting Machine, Energy Monitoring Device and Smart Vending Machine.

Shaurin Patel & Shailendra Patel        ,Co-Founders

Started with the single Indian made 3D printer and a room space of 200 sq feet, Vexma Technologies has now evolved into one of the leading 3D printer service providers in the country. A bootstrapped company, it has now catered to over 50 MNCs having 15 + FDM and 2+ SLA, a custom Silicon and a PCB 3d printer. Recently, they also invested in a large format Industrial SLA 3D printer with a build size of 660 x 660 x 450 mm.

Started with the single Indian made 3D printer and a room space of 200 sq feet, Vexma Technologies has now evolved into one of the leading 3D printer service providers in the country

The company is now looking for funding opportunities to double up its diversified team size and add specialized talent to cover up every aspect of product development and get into AI & VR. "We are focusing on building a network for our customers to help them easily source out their market ready products in India for mass manufacturing. We are also rolling out "Vexma Edu" where we will provide 3d printing and embedded systems training services for students from class 9th to enterprise level under beginner, intermediate and advanced degree courses," con-clude Shailendra and Shaurin.