ViDoc: For a Better & Smarter Wellbeing

Jay Mehta & Sundeep Mehta,Co-Founder & CEO  & Co-Founder & CTO

Jay Mehta & Sundeep Mehta

Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & CTO

When his father was diagnosed with Cancer in 2006, little did Jay Mehta know that the precious time he should be spending on comforting his family would slowly be succumbed by the brain-numbing task of maintaining his father’s medical records (which later piled up to 500 pagesdue to multiple surgeries, chemotherapies, radio therapies and follow-ups). This pushed Jay and his family friend Sundeep Mehta to hunt for a service provider who can manage all the records. Failed to find any, both embarked on a journey of turning the challenge into opportunity, to spearhead the paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Powered by Sundeep’s 25+ years of IT industry experience and in-depth research, the duo begot ViDoc Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – a revolutionary healthcare IT company – in 2009.

A Look into the Futuristic Expertise

Headquartered in Mumbai, ViDoc (stands for Virtual Doctor/Vital Documents) provides a rare amalgamation of software and service that bridges the void between better healthcare centers
and the patients. The atypical company provides end-to-end services that most hospitals year for, which has led the company to seize multiple happy clients, who include individual patients and healthcare enterprises. Spearheaded by the young minds, the company is highly acknowledged for its flagship innovations namely Emrix – Electronic Medical Records Information Exchange and Iryx – an operational and clinical analytics product. With dexterity to gel with the hospital ecosystem and departments like Medical Records Department (MRD), Emrix enables hospitals to smartly utilize space within their boundaries for medical care to patients, while also helping them to embrace national and international accreditation processes painlessly.

We believe ViDoc has already taken several steps in building such a platform which should give us a head start in the coming years

It also assists hospitals to digitize patient’s medical records and share it online, thus simplifying the processes of assisting repeat patients, research, TPA, medico-legal measures and so on.The revolutionary product has propelled the company to create a milestone of 15 million medical documents online across about 250,000+ patient records, thus establishing its name as the largest common database of Unique Hospital IDs, virtually. Iryx provides a window to various aspects of hospital’s operations and scrutinizes bio markers of a
patient’s health, helping doctors to infer the treatments to be provided. The analysis is also made available on mobile devices, which not only saves tremendous time for doctors, but also guarantees brand recall for the diagnostic center and neighbor hood laboratories amongst others.

The Empowering Culture

According to Jay, it is the free thinking culture infused in ViDoc that allows them to smartly convert serious intricacies of its customers into simple solutions. With constant endeavors to be at the forefront of technology curve, the organization has imbibed structured and disruptive routes to mold employees to proffer the best to customers. While structured routeinvolves team meetings, the disruptive path empowers not only the crew to ideate solutions through projects, but also college students to bring their ideas to the fore, which are later institutionalized based on its exclusivity.

The Future ViDoc

“Getting ROI on one’s spend around medical services will be the crucial need in coming few years. We believe ViDoc has already taken several steps in building such a platform which should give us a head start in the coming years,” proclaims Jay (Founder & CEO). Eying at bestowing its customers a better and affordable healthcare realm, ViDoc is currently gearing up to add the 3rd critical tenet to its products offerings dedicated to patient engagement, with which the company can continue filling flesh into its tag line ‘Healthcare made smart’.