VidPaq: Taking the Indian Video Production Industry A Notch Higher

A picture, they say is worth a thousand words and rightly so. With the proliferation of internet and digital trends, video content has emerged as a vehicle of choice for brands to communicate with their consumer base. Videos act as an effective method for conveying a brand's value proposition and illustrate how a technology or innovation works.

While the industry holds immense potential, the quality of product being delivered by several players in the market leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality. Born out of the growing need for quality video content is VidPaq, a video production firm that specializes in designing and executing explainer videos for varied businesses.

Founded in 2017, VidPaq is a one stop shop for explainer videos catering to any and every firm that has a tangible product or service. "No longer do clients need to go to one resource for video production, one for voice over and another for sound. We do everything, reducing client spends, turnaround time and ensure quality on every project," explains Hyder Ali, CEO and CMO, VidPaq. "Our mission is to not only to give our clientele better produced videos at competitive prices, but also to help the Indian video production industry grow exponentially," adds Ali.

High Quality 360 Degree Video Production Prowess
Guiding clients to the right form for their particular business, service and product, the VidPaq team differentiates itself from its contemporaries in the industry through its 360 degree solutions and output quality. Boasting of an all-round prowess in creating explainer videos right from whiteboard to character-based to motion graphic brand awareness and promotion, the company utilizes every available animation technology and software.

Delivering high quality problem-statement driven work VidPaq believes in consistency in delivery. Irrespective of the product/service/industry, based on its client's
brief, the team dives deep into what the client wants the explainer video to elicit, in terms of the customer's reaction. The team finalizes the storyboard, script, animation style centered on the call to action and the problem's resolution. "Clients give us a brief and budget and we ensure we deliver the final finished product to them complete with design elements, perfectly suited voiceovers and translation (if required)," says Ali.

Hyder Ali,CEO & CMO

Strengthening Skills to Better Output
Building on its value proposition, the young firm has registered over 30 percent YoY growth since its inception and has developed a client base that spreads across more than 100 countries. Having worked with clients in the AI, Healthcare, Fintech, Health/Beauty, Consumer durables and manufacturing sectors, to name just a few, VidPaq is focused on consistent delivery rather than just numbers.

Delivering high quality problem-statement driven work VidPaq believes in consistency in delivery

VidPaq has also been instrumental in making India visible in the global market as a video production hub-through the quality of its productions and attention to achieving client expectations. Gradually not only do foreign clients trust Indian companies more to deliver quality final products, but firms like VidPaqare also shaping the overall pricing strategy globally and contributing to the industry's growth.

The company is now striving towards increasing its customer base, work on fair pricing models, and create a community of creatives who are in the field and deliver quality on big or small projects. While the family owned company has already clocked immense growth and achievements thus far, VidPaq intends to sharpen its arsenal through continued use of video production innovations. "Our only objective is to continue to deliver exceptional work that not only our clients, but we too, can be proud of," concludes Ali.