Vidyapurna Technics: A Complete Guide for Your Success

Venkateshwaran Krishnamoorthy,   Founder & Principal Consultant

Venkateshwaran Krishnamoorthy

Founder & Principal Consultant

Alearning culture is essential for organizations to succeed in a world that has been digitally transformed and to adapt to the shifting skill requirements. Investing in an immersive digital coaching culture is one important tactic to accomplish this. Today, career coaching is accessible to everyone at a reasonable cost, and it must be a continuous process to fine tune the career. Due to various compulsions individual encounter during their lengthy career journey, many people fail to follow or implement a set career plan. Your career coach is only a phone call away with Digital way. To capitalize on their inherent talents, everyone must first hire a career coach to have a rewarding career.

VIDYAPURNA TECHNICS, a company that focuses on the student community and places a strong emphasis on professional career assessment, guidance, coaching, planning and training, was founded in 2019. It aims to give the right guidance and training to future leaders students and young professionals by leveraging its more than three decades of professional experience in the business management and human resources fields. VIDYAPURNA TECHNICS concentrates on natural abilities and seeks to leverage them. It evaluates each person's natural abilities and dominance before making appropriate career recommendations for the best outcomes. The Information Technology(IT) vertical at VIDYAPURNA is focused on Cloud Software & Cybersecurity
solutions that benefit numerous industries and their stakeholders. For its clients, VIDYAPURNA offers consulting, career assessments along with counseling, HR management and training services.

The ideal age to start learning about career guidance is ten years. Their natural and innate talent is the focus of VIDYAPURNA's career coaching and guidance exercises. To determine each person's personality, multiple intelligences and their dominance, brain dominance, acquisition styles and learning styles, VIDYAPURNA uses a method of assessment known as the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Each child, teenager, student, and young professional receives a personalized career plan based on these findings. Like each individual, VIDYAPURNA's career plans are unique. It includes a person's natural strengths as well as what the future holds for them that plays to those strengths. Each one is carefully correlated, and after that, straight forward and implementable recommendations are made. Accuracy in assessment results and individualized counseling are its USPs. At VIDYAPURNA, counseling sessions are never the same.

Its work culture is to bring out the uniqueness of each individual it comes across

The core of VIDYAPURNA's technological exploitation includes the use of soft copies of reports and plans, online fingerprint scanning, online video sessions for counseling and coaching and always accessible online chat for fine tuning career plans. As a result, the business can serve clients from all over the world. With a combined total of more than 110 years in the workforce, its team has extensive experience across industries and working expertise across geographies. VIDYAPURNA takes the most time to comprehend the client's situation before making the best, most individualized suggestion. Three years ago, the company set out on a mission to change one lakh minds in ten years. To date, it has impacted more than 750 minds and improved people's careers and quality of life. It has provided training for college students and corporate employees regarding career goals and plans. Its training has assisted corporate organizations in optimizing candidate evaluation and recruitment processes to make the most of their resources.

To provide a topnotch assessment method, VIDYAPURNA intends to partner with schools and colleges. In the upcoming academic year, it hopes to work with at least 20 institutions. "In three years, we plan to collaborate with about 100 schools/colleges so that every teacher in these schools/colleges is capable of interpreting the VIDYAPURNA Assessment report", concludes Venkateshwaran Krishnamoorthy, Founder & Principal Consultant at VIDYAPURNA TECHNICS.