Virtulive Technologies: Communicate, Co-Create & Collaborate

Satish Naraharimurthy,Founder & CEOBusiness enterprises today are grappling with the challenge of achieving seamless collaboration between their global teams at an optimal cost. Currently available video conferencing systems are either disintegrated or very expensive and are unable to fulfill the needs of new age business enterprises.

On the other hand the education sector is facing its own set of challenges -- shortage of teachers, lack of experts in specific areas, non-availability of learning resources, and lack of collaborative learning options.

'Virtulive-Everything in a Box'
Bangalore based Virtulive Technologies has found a panacea for these problems in the form of 'Virtulive', the World’s first integrated, multipurpose collaboration device, that brings together the features of video conferencing, digital projection, video streaming, two-way audio/video communication and high-speed computing into a single affordable, portable device. The idea of ‘Everything in a Box’ came about as a consequence of Virtulive founders’ deep understanding of the challenges faced by enterprise and education sectors.

Innovative and Futuristic Solutions
Virtulive that began operations in April 2017 has successfully developed innovative and futuristic solutions to address the challenges of education and enterprise sectors in the form of Smart Ed-a virtual classroom solution and Team Meet-an enterprise collaboration solution, respectively.

SmartEd enables real time interactivity and collaboration between the instructor and students situated in remote classrooms through advanced features like customized assignment sharing, interactive whiteboard, multiple classroom management, recording & playback, dynamic presenter focus and intuitive dashboard. Team Meet, on the other hand provides advanced collaboration features like web conferencing, instant messaging, file/screen/application sharing, recording and participant information management.

Elaborating on the endless possibilities of the Virtulive device, Satish Naraharimurthy, Founder & CEO, Virtulive Technologies, says, “We have identified 25+ use cases across industries for our product in healthcare, retail, entertainment, lifestyle, and gaming, amongst others.”

“For instance, emergence of smartphones that superseded the computer revolution gave rise to a whole new breed of developers of mobile applications. Similarly, Virtulive is going to create a disruption that will spawn development of a gamut of applications on our platform,” emphasizes Vinod Jayaraman, Founder & CTO, Virtulive Technologies, providing the big picture of bringing together larger ecosystem to developing applications for the product.

In fact, Virtulive is the first product in the world to have
successfully integrated microphone, speakers, camera and computing unit into a projector leading to several new patents being filed for the product. “There are tremendous opportunities in front of us due to our first mover advantage”, asserts Satish. This first of its kind collaborative system has found huge acceptance from professionals, enterprises, and investors across sectors. “In a recent event, just by witnessing the prototype of the product, an enterprise client has placed a large pre order,” mentions Vinod.

The Journey Ahead...
Since electronic manufacturing in India is still in its infancy, it took some time for the founders to reach out to the experts to evaluate the concept, and get on board the right people who could understand the complexity of the product. The company now has some of the leading experts in hardware, software and industry knowledge leading the way on product development. One of the technology consultants is Mr. SLN Murthy, who has worked alongside Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and has more than 40 years of experience in the field. He is responsible for the hardware design and development of the device.

“Our product is going to revolutionize the space soon and change the way people collaborate and communicate in the near future,” says Vinod.

Adding to this, Satish concludes “There will be a huge demand for quality realtime video content in the days to come. Virtulive has caught the imagination of the futuristic business who prefer video in all their communication thereby leveraging the advantages of immediacy and better interactivity!