VirtuoSource: A BAaaS start-up providing 'Ready-to-Use' Business Analytics solutions on the Clou

Sunil Jain & Manohar Rao,Founder & President & CTO

Sunil Jain & Manohar Rao

Founder & President & CTO

The distinction of creation vs. consumption of data analysis for performance management is well-accepted in our personal healthcare management- testing laboratories ‘create’ the reports and analysis using patient samples while medical professionals ‘consume’ it to diagnose and improve the health of patients. However, when it comes to business health management, most organizations face a challenging task in the creation vs consumption of data to monitor and improve their business.

Business Challenge

In this age of explosive growth in data, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is that they tend to spend more effort in the creation of business analysis – with limited resources, it reduces their ability to focus on the more value added exercise of consuming the analysis. By some measures, only a small and declining fraction (<10%) of data gets utilized for business analysis. The challenge is that data required for business analysis comes from many different sources and requires significant effort, infrastructure and domain expertise to transform the growing volume and variety of data into business value.

While large organizations have dedicated business analysts, technology infrastructure and ERP
/ MIS software, mid to small size businesses do not have the budget, specialized staff and infrastructure to analyze their business data effectively and get better insights regarding opportunities and risks to their business performance. As management attention is drawn into customer management, operational challenges and other business critical issues, it limits their ability to effectively monitor business KPI’s and optimize their business – it is no surprise that small and mid-size business operate with a KPI ‘handicap’ compared to their larger organizations.

VirtuoSource’s Business Analytics solutions are provided in easy-to-use modular offerings

A BAaaS start-up providing ‘Ready-to-Use’ BI solutions on the Cloud

Bangalore-based Business-Analytics-as-a-Service (BAaaS) start-up, VirtuoSource is addressing this problem by offering ready-to-use business analytics solutions on a cloud-based platform. It moves client resources from ‘creation’ to higher value-addition through consumption of business analysis.It effectively provides business organizations of every scale and size with the kind of advanced business analytics capabilities and infrastructure which is available to large organizations without requiring significant development cost, infrastructure or resource investments.

VIP solutions for every Business

Virtuo Source’s Business Analytics solutions are provided in easy-to-use modular offerings - each module is designed for a specific business process and
comes with a library of pre-built analysis based on standard KPIs. VirtuoSource offers its modular solutions in 3 categories :
• Visibility
• Intelligence
• Performance Management

Clients have the flexibility of using individual modules within each solution category or get a consolidated VIP solution package which offers higher value addition.

Pay-as-you-use model with High RoI

VirtuoSource offers a flexible pay-as-you-use pricing with no upfront technology or infrastructure investment. It gives clients immediate RoI by streamlining the creation of business reporting and analysis and allowing clients to move their resources to more value added activities. As the utilization of analysis provides deeper insights and opportunities to improve business performance, it can generate a multi-fold increase in the RoI.


The VirtuoSource team brings significant business experience with over 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 companiesin Life-Sciences, Specialty Products, Telecom and Technology Services and have worked in US, EU, India and Singapore Asia-Pac in senior level roles in strategy, operations and product/business management. The team has led global product development and launch of major products and also managed large service accounts in the US, EU and Asia-Pac.While the team comes with significant corporate experience it also embodies core philosophies, culture and agility of a start-up.