Virya Mobility 5.0: Harnessing Tomorrow's Technology Today

Sandeep  Maini, Chairman

Sandeep Maini


Over the last decade, the country has embraced new technologies and newer platforms, and keeping in tune with these developments, the Maini Group, a pioneer in Electric Vehicles, having manufactured the Reva car two decades ago is once again at the forefront of this technology.

With the government making concerted efforts to make India a world leader in EVs, it has come as a huge boost to innovators and companies like the Maini Group. With a deep understanding of EV market in India, the costs, competitiveness with ICE vehicles, this effort from the government has encouraged the founders to use their knowledge, IP and experience to create world class solutions with this fast developing technology that is the need of the hour.

The Maini Group,founded by Dr.S.K. Maini, 45 years ago, has been constantly looking to innovate. Virya Mobility 5.0, a Maini Group company, brings their EV capabilities nurtured over 25 years under one umbrella. Founded by the Maini brothers Sandeep Maini, Gautam Maini and Chetan Maini Virya Mobility 5.0 intends to carry the legacy forward.

“We have been in the industry for over 25 years. During this tenure, we have made significant contributions toward the EV ecosystem. With prospects to usher in further advancement in this sector, we have diversified into several branches, one of which is Virya Mobility5.0,” states Group Chairman Sandeep Maini.

Through this venture the founders are focused on their objectives of not only developing electric vehicles and its
acceleration, but also lending their expertise to the next level of transformation in the mobility ecosystem.

The company is focusing its attention on developing products and solutions related to shared mobility and are targeting the 3-Wheeler & 2-Wheeler ecosystems which they believe would be the customer segments that will first witness mass adoption of electric vehicles.

EV revolution is here to stay! At Virya, we believe our future is collaborative and if EV firms across the country can synergise, India can lead the world in the EV revolution.

With the government policy requiring OEM vehicles to meet the set criteria to avail subsidies, Virya is working towards developing powertrains to match the performance of ICE vehicles.

Virya Mobility is actively devising solutions which can be categorised under two genres i.e. Vehicle Integration & Powertrain Solutions. Under these two sections the company is formulating services such as Design, Development & Simulation, Prototyping, Quick Vehicle Integration, Optimization of powertrain performance & efficiency and others.

The intention of developing these solutions is to administer the ever-changing requirements of the industry and provide avant-garde technologies and products. The powertrain system will find applications in numerous vehicle platforms such as e-Scooters e-Auto and 4-wheeled micro trucks.

“At Virya Mobility, innovations are fashioned considering the need of our clients. We have designed the powertrain system so that it can steer smoothly even on craggy roads. Apart from these, our company has also engineered digital instrument cluster, On/Off Board chargers of various voltage and power ratings, brake pots, electronic throttle (accelerator handle/pedals), RNFB Switch(gear selection switch),”says Sandeep Maini.

“We understand that there are a number of companies that have ventured into EVs recently, be it startups or large OEMs. We find that new entrants face challenges in optimizing/extracting the best performance from the components that constitute the EV’s powertrain. This is our area of expertise.”

Going forward, Virya Mobility aims to position itself as a one-stop solution with EV products that provide high performance at a reasonable cost.. It’s view is to become a top player of the EV industry offering effective solutions in the 2W, 3W and 4W space. “We are set to make a mark in the EV space for which we are building autonomous and connected technologies starting with in-campus controlled environments, with the goal of making a positive difference in the Indian mobility ecosystem,” concludes Sandeep Maini.