VISIIT: Pep up Your Travel

Nagendran Nagarajan,CEOIn today's stressed-out world, taking a vacation rejuvenates your energy and helps return to your routine with a zest and zing. Indians traditionally are used to travelling with families. However, there has been a massive change in this trend - young and solo professionals are taking a great number of vacations every year to places that are off-the-beaten-track. There is a fleet of travel start-ups in the market currently steering, the industry forward towards what seems to be the future of travel. One such new-age prominent travel start-up with an innovative approach and con-temporarily tailored solutions is Chennai-based VISIIT.

The company provides a wide range of Holiday packages for Domestic and International travelers. The vacation offerings run based on combinations of Themes and Destinations. "With our strong Vendor-network, our destinations include all places on the Earth. We carefully designed a line-up of travel packages that knit together to create holidays that you will not for-get. Each package gives a glimpse of the local sightseeing, an insight into the local culture, an immersive experience that's enjoyable," says Nagendran Nagarajan, CEO.

The Idea behind VISIIT
The Tourism industry is one of the blooming sectors presenting an array of opportunities like scope to deliver seamless Service experience and excellence. This glaring
opportunity didn't go unnoticed by the Founders of VISIIT. They seized the opportunity and add more values to the growing set of common travellers in terms of Quality Service, Accountability, Transparency and Speed with aid of Technology. Also, they realize that every traveller was unique and that's why it was pivotal to customize and personalize every tour. This eventually marked the be-ginning of VISIIT.

Since then, the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The team leaves no stone unturned in making the travellers' experience as perfect as possible. They go the extra mile to ensure the clients' safety as top priority. "There had been situations when we can-celled some trips where safety was a concern and provided refunds. Like the most, we do accommodate last-minute changes as in accordance with our vendors. Surprise cakes and bouquets are some goodies that we do often", he mentions.

VISIIT is an approved `Domestic Tour Operator' by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

The company has built its own CRM and improvising on to connect end to end Customer touch points. Automation of process, standards, reporting, alarms and reduction of lead turnaround time are the prime goals by exploiting the technology internally. "We embrace new age communication tools for 24*7 availability and connect with customer for on-ground support. We are active in Social Media platforms to connect with intended Customers on packages and posts. Our blog site gets increasing readership each month due to vivacity and variety covering various aspects tours and destinations", he adds.

The Growth
VISIIT has a strong commitment towards the three cornerstone stakeholders of success ­ Clients, Employees and Partners/Vendors. "Since our focus is clear, with our dedicated follow-ups, we have been successfully doubling our revenue and client base every year. From initial years to now, our coverage in domestic has increased to 75+ and International destinations expanded to USA, Europe and Australia. Since last year, we also have started Cruise packages support and focusing on active themes as `Kids and Elderly friendly' and `Women only' tours", he informs.

In the coming years, we wish to expand to Luxury & Cruise segments, Business and Leisure combined tours. "We are working to enhance the content of our pack-ages, social media presence and relevant exposure to align and journey towards our roadmap", he concludes.