VNJ Innovations: Empowering Businesses through Innovations

Jigar Trivedi,Founder & CEO

Jigar Trivedi

Founder & CEO

Jigar Trivedi ­ a seasoned professional with close to two decades of experience ­ had observed in the early days of his career that several companies were lacking in technological integration with their businesses and innovations. Thus, to simplify the process after identifying the gaps and implementing the right futuristic technology in these industries, Jigar established VNJ Innovations Pvt. Ltd. in 2017. VNJ Innovations helps corporations empower their business with the use of data analytics and various other business intelligence tools. VNJ ensures that it provides end-to-end solutions as a technology partner.

Born with a focus on servicing the healthcare sector under the product `EasyMedi', the bootstrapped company received grants from the Gujarat government under the startup scheme and central government for growth under the NIDHI Seed Support Scheme. VNJ under the brand of EasyMedi is providing services to hospitals, small clinics, doctors, pharmacy stores, diagnostic centres. These integrated services help to bring all the stakeholders on a single platform. This innovative product made waves throughout the healthcare industry and has been awarded by the Gujarat government and the Department of Science and Technology. VNJ's another exceptional product­ `Team 360' is leaving no stone unturned in helping SME and MSME corporates to analyze the individual performance of its employees and thereby enabling sales growth. As a visionary,
Jigar has always believed in adapting to innovative technologies and making VNJ and its clients a process-driven rather person-driven. This transparent system has ensured long-term relations of clients and employees with VNJ.

Sailing against the Wind
Every startup founder knows from the outset that there are going to be obstacles. In those crucial early days, startups have a zillion problems to counter and overcome. VNJ also had its share of challenges and teething troubles in structuring the business and putting a team together, in the initial years. However, Jigar's prior experience and network helped VNJ sail through these challenges. Expertise in gauging the pulse of the market, aggressive execution, and knowledge bank enabled the company to carve a niche in the market. The company has remained far-sighted and gauged the market trends and adopted the futuristic technology that is enabling quicker growth. "As far as the product goes, we are setting up a business intelligence tool which will help us and our clients to carry out predictive analysis with the use of AI and ML," says Jigar.

VNJ under the brand of EasyMedi is providing services to hospitals, small clinics, doctors, pharmacy stores, diagnostic centres

The Team Work
A business is nothing without the people who work behind the scenes. VNJ houses a team of 50+ man-years of experience, yet average age in 30s. The young entrepreneurial yet experienced team is the boasting strength. With defined role and responsibility according to the do-main, skills, traits, and interest, each member delivers his/her KRAs. The team comprises experience, sill, and core domain knowledge of IT (soft and hard), market research, brand & digital marketing, sales & marketing, financial analysis to state few.

The Growth
VNJ, which started with a small tech team, today has grown exponentially and opened multiple offices in Ahmedabad. With a business partner model, the company has used the platform of technology to spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra, and is now aiming to expand in other states as well. Recently, VNJ has started its operation in Canada and is planning to open an office in the U.S. this year. "Be focused and confident in what you do, if you do things with passion, then success will surely follow you. VNJ is not just a company that desires to be big, but each person associated with it is working in a professional way to enable its growth with speed,” he concludes.