Voice back Analytics: New Age Data Analytics Solutions for Real Business Problems

Manishi Sanwal ,Founder & Managing Director

Manishi Sanwal

Founder & Managing Director

Analytics of varied business data has become an important part of the business ecosystem today. Irrespective of industry, be it real estate, automotive or healthcare, data analytics has become part and parcel of the operations. The global data analytics industry is growing at a fast pace owing to the rising demand for it from different industry sectors across the world. However, technology expertise is not the only skill required to become a successful data analytics service provider. A lot of service providers in this domain have the IT expertise but lack business management intelligence due to lack of experience. On the other hand, there are clients with perfect business management experience but are unable to execute data analytics owing to the lack of IT knowledge.

This is where Voiceback Analytics from Bangalore has stepped in to fill the gap of expertise that is prevailing in the market. Manishi Sanwal, Founder & MD, Voiceback Analytics states, “Over the last five to ten years, a lot of change has been brought about in the industry by the international players which have made a lot of data available. The problem lies in the analytical part where business management

experience is also required along with the knowledge of proper technology. All our team members including myself have a lot of business management experience which we have combined with the technology counterparts to come up with the appropriate solution.”

Voiceback is one the global partners of Microsoft for their AI and ML related products

Operational Excellence
Voiceback is one the global partners of Microsoft for their AI and ML related products. It predominantly works on the Azure systems like Azure SQL and Data Factory in order to process solutions for its clients. AI and ML integrated solutions like the customized recommendation engine are the prospering part of their business and they have come up with other range of solutions as well. Further to that, the company also provides business intelligence and data visualization solutions to their customers. It provides ML related solutions like frequential pattern mining to their clients which helps them understand the customers in a much better manner.

Manishi mentions, “Most of the team members at Voice back have extensive retail experience which is the reason why most of our clients are in the retail space. Apart from that, we are also in the process of providing our services to various banks and NBFCs whom we are helping to know the customers better. Lastly, we also serve a lot of wholesale brands who usually get their business by selling through various distributors at different geographic locations. We have built what can be called a modern day data warehouse and analytics facility for midsized businesses.”

Looking at the Future
Voiceback Analytics has achieved considerable success in the last two years. As of now, it has 20 paid clients among which majority are from India and the company also has clients in Australia, Hong Kong and UAE. Speaking about the future of the company, the MD concludes, “We are looking at tripling the revenue in the coming financial year. As far as solutions and services are concerned, we want to concentrate on our current solutions and also cater more to the demand in the Indian market.”