Voice Jobs: Bridging the Gaps between Job Seekers & Job Providers

Sridhar Sundaram,   FounderThe size of the global online job portals industry, which was anticipated to be worth $2.90 billion in 2021, is expected to increase by 7.10 percent annually to reach $4.69 billion by 2028. The market for new job portal startups is enormous and difficult as well. India has a population of more than 100 million, making it difficult to organically infiltrate everyone's minds and not every job board can be effective. The innovation or enhancements that make the recruiters' job simpler is what is causing this industry to flourish. While there are several online job posting and online recruitment platforms in India, one which stands out for its unique offering is Voice Jobs. A Job Advertisement Portal, Voice Jobs is made with Voice Screening Tool. Started in 2022 from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, Voice Jobs is a platform uniquely suited for those looking for jobs with their voice.

‘Voice’ Jobs & Beyond
Outwardly different from the other Job portals, Voice Jobs is a company doing Job Advertisements & Recruitment Referral Service, precisely presenting to the job Seekers the opportunity to find the right career with their voice. Voice Based Jobs can be multitude such as Customer Support Associate from International BPO & ITES or Call Center companies, Telesales, Telecallers, Front Office, Tele Business Development, VJ's, RJ's, Anchors, Artists, and more that
uses voice. “We basically are a platform where employers and job seekers can find what they are looking for in terms of voice-based job needs. Here, while Job Seekers can find the right career which matches their voice-based job needs, industry specific employers can choose the best from our list of job seekers as per their requirements. In the process, we leverage a prior voice screening tool that saves time of both the employers and job seekers, testing the candidate’s voice suitability”, shares Sridhar Sundaram, Founder, Voice Jobs.

Voice Jobs is on the mission to offer its cutting-edge services at nominal costs with the aim of making quality recruitment an affordable experience for small businesses and startups as well

Voice Jobs is on the mission to offer its cuttingedge services at nominal costs with the aim of making quality recruitment an affordable experience for small businesses and startups as well. The platform allows clients to post for various job positions at just Rs.10 per post, per day. For posts which stay on the platform for 30 days, the platform even offers a discount of Rs.100. Being a new portal, the firm is working tirelessly and strategically to gain more traction quickly. They are posting advertisements on all leading social media portals including job platforms like LinkedIn. In addition, the website has been planned in order to make every step of job posting, searching, and application simple for both job seekers, and recruiters.

With such well planned strategies, the platform affords numerous advantages to its patrons, including assurance of a job posting being genuine through its rigorous screening system, thorough inspection of all postings and removing suspicious activity. This is a niche platform, and those seeking jobs in these sectors can easily find the right opportunities for them selves. “One of the biggest advantages that we offer is that we advise job seekers to let the recruiter know about their Expected Salary, Current Salary & Notice Period. If the recruiter is comfortable to go with these details & the Voice Record they will get in touch with you for further process”, further shares Sridhar.

Future Roadmap
For future, Voice Jobs is focusing on CV Subscription, Accurate Job Recommendations to candidates based on skills & locations, and posting costs that are affordable even for small teams of recruiters. These strategies will give more response rate and help the firm expand.