Volibits: Working Towards Building A Connected Digital Future

 Kirtikumar Dhruv,    CEOSimilar to how human beings can’t live without oxygen, today’s organizations also can’t survive without digital technologies. As the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly growing, organizations are looking for a reliable partner that could help them in their journey toward digital transformation. Enter Volibits, a promising innovative digital solution provider. keeping in mind the long-term digital strategies that are essential for growth.

Having been in this corporate world for more than 20 years, Volibits is at the forefront of offering AI-based and Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for various industries like Insurance and Finance, Education, HR, Telecom, Manufacturing, Life Sciences.

The company’s wide range of services includes RPA, offshoring services, staffing and consulting. “We have a vast experience working across large multinational companies into varied areas of IT services implementations, ERP, support maintenance, and enhancement packages, which have helped us, build a stronger base,” says Kirtikumar Dhruv, CEO of Volibits.

There are certain small and medium businesses who do not want to invest into RPA based tools and infrastructure. For such customers, Volibits offers automation as a service and provide them the necessary automation services, which helps them manage their entire operations.

The company also understands the importance of data security, so they are offering on-premise as well as automation as a service solutions based on the requirements from customer. Above all, data security can be further enhanced through additional offerings. The company provides automation as a service solution with pay per use model.

Apart from this, the company also offers a robust AI-based HR tech solution for HR space. An affordable product, SmartRes helps organizations find potential candidates
for specific position. It will look for candidates who once applied for a position or were reached out previously due to some reason couldn't get through. Built with Powerful AI engine, SmartRes will update and process the old resumes lying in the database to latest copies without any manual efforts.

SmartRes makes it possible to directly interact with the candidates through email or SMS for a potential job opening. No manual interaction or intervention is needed. SmartRes ensures high cost reduction and reduces the hassle of inviting and looking out for new applicants via different modes. Moreover, it ensures complete data security as the application is hosted on customer's environment.

One of the company's main objective is to provide opportunity to customers to relook at hiring model. Instead of traditional hiring model, where companies have to pay large fees for sourcing candidates, Volibits offers a product called 'Voliskill'. Voliskill caters to sourcing as a service model. Through this, companies can get skilled candidates without shelling out lot of money. Voliskill helps startups and small businesses to get quality candidate profiles.

“We find the right candidates with the necessary skills to our customers, and the organizations have to take it ahead,” explains Kriti Bhatt, Sales and Marketing Manager for Volibits. Volibits’ HR Sourcing service, Voliskill. com.,is a SaaS based model that guarantees customers 3 best screened candidate resumes without any hefty recruitment fee thereby reducing the overall hiring cost by 95%. With the help of Volibits’ services, organizations can select the most qualified candidate that fits their target profile at a considerably low cost.

In addition, the company provides SmartScribe, the next generation, AI-driven OCR. Whether it is a handwritten text or printed one, the product is capable of accurately capture the text and convert into digital format. It can convert to Doc, Docx and PDF file formats. The product can be customized as per the requirement.

No matter how complex the business challenges maybe, Volibits, technology professionals have the expertise and experience to help businesses achieve their goals

For those companies looking for web based solutions, Volibits acts as a helping hand. Through its flagship products, GoTunTun, the company can capture all the Web and Digital Marketing services under its umbrella. “We cater to your needs from developing the website to a web-based application, all at a go. Register one or multiple domains, website building, website security, email marketing, SEO, hosting et al is carried out by at the lowest possible price,” asserts Kriti.

The CEO further accredits the company’s success to its highly-skilled staff and their technical capability. With such unparalleled capabilities, Volibits is all set for a bright future ahead. The company is working with large universities to implement RPA into their operations, which will ensure not only the operational efficiencies, but the entire visibility to the top level management.

The company has been profitable in all three years of its operations. They have seen more than 300% growth in recent financial year. As a part of their expansion plan, the company is looking to grow out of India as well and expand its products and services into other markets.