VRuom Interactive : Enhancing User Experience by Providing Easily Accessible VR Solutions

Sharique Raquib,DirectorThe Indian AR/ VR market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 55% during 2016-2021. Increasing AR usage for enhancing gaming experience, growing penetration of head-up displays in the automotive sector, rising use of AR in pico projectors, etc., are driving the AR/VR market in the country. People around the world have just realized the importance of VR. They have accepted the fact that VR is multi-faceted. VR is going to transform the way we have been doing things until now, from simulation driven industry to education and corporate training. VR has even proved itself to be a powerful tool for marketing campaigns and is used in a unique way to make buying decisions simpler. VRuom Interactive, headed by Sharique Raquib, incorporates gaming in VR. Through their games, they not only provide a good VR experience but also enable a consumer to interact with the environment.

It doesn’t only aim to make people interact with the system but provide a distinct experience in AR/VR by making people more conversant

Headquartered in Mumbai, VRuom wants to make VR accessible to every one. It provides a direct access to consumers to try VR gaming at their store in Mumbai where the users can interact with more than 20 VR applications.It doesn’t only aim to make people interact with the system but provide a distinct experience in AR/VR by making people more conversant. “VRuom has been concentrating on supplying the whole projects for interested companies wishing to setup their own VR system; from VR consulting to project estimation, design, engineering, supply, installation and maintenance to developing Virtual environment as per user specifications,” remarks Sharique.

VRuom is one of the companies which have implemented the VR system by itself with out any outside help. The company supplies HMDs and Omni Directional Treadmills for VR locomotion to India, Middle-east
and other Asian countries. The omni-directional mills by VRuom are unique.They precisely translate user movement to code and feed the VR engine. “Mills have been designed with low friction, coefficient surface to let the user slide on it while the movement is detected, measured and applied to its inbuilt algorithm,” asserts Sharique. VRuom Interactive also develops content for real-estate. It is working on a solution that can provide the exact feel of space and surroundings of their projects.

In the coming years, VRuom endeavours to open various VR experience zones in major cities followed closely by using a franchisee model to penetrate to Tier 2 & 3 cities and assisting interested companies in implementing simulation training in VR. It aims to be known as a renowned brand in the field of AR/ VR and be a company that provides high-end services to corporates, dreaming of bringing VR to every nook and corner of the country, a company exporting systems and technology globally. “VRuom Interactive has been incorporated to provide Indian market, the early access to VR technology while paving way for the innovators in India to create hardware and software for global market,” concludes Sharique.