WE R Stupid: Spreading Fitness & Health Awareness To Every Corner Of The Nation

 Akshay Chopra,  FounderPhysical activity can strengthen your bones and muscles, help you maintain a healthy weight, increase your ability to carry out daily tasks, and improve your cognitive health. Only a small percentage of individuals were interested in health and fitness a few decades ago, and the majority of them were not even aware of the significance of maintaining fitness and good health. Technology has fundamentally altered how people view fitness as a whole. Technology has greatly increased our flexibility and made fitness accessible to everyone. It has helped to reach the remotest part of the nation to spread the awareness of health and fitness.

A company that is on a mission to make sure everyone in the country is aware about fitness and health is `We R Stupid'. An all-in-one platform, We R Stupid offers fitness and health online training, various fitness courses and ecommerce site to purchase supplements and gym equipment. "Our goal is to be India's go to research based health, fitness & Life style Website. They are working towards correcting the human stupidities in a more sensible and rational way", states Akshay Chopra, Founder of We R Stupid. By consistently providing clients highest quality of products and services, the company and its associated brands have expanded to over 42 countries around the world.

Akshay's Professional Journey
Since his childhood, Akshay was always into sports and fitness. He feels sports and fitness run in his veins as his grandfather was a former wrestler and mom a former national award winning athlete.

Over the years, he got various opportunities to train under some of the finest coaches in the country, and got the experience of competitive athletics, hardcore military training and competitive body building.

But he was always interested to know the why and how behind things. This is where I started studying and researching on various aspects of fitness. I started writing articles and authored multiple books and ebooks. Akshay was also part of the IAF bodybuilding team, and was delivering lectures around the country on fitness and nutrition.

Post his early retirement, he got fully immersed in his passion for fitness, and wanted to help people around the country. This is where the idea of We R Stupid came in. It started with a research and evidence based fitness channel, busting various myths being spread in the field of fitness & nutrition. This led to development of various businesses under the name We R Stupid, which includes the GENESIS, online fitness program, MangoHerbs & TheKSchool online courses.

The Inception
What started as a fitness education channel on YouTube, today We R Stupid has grown to be a full-fledged virtual company that offers numerous online services. The company's initial aim was to provide the best of research, which was lacking big time in Indian context, where information was based more on pseudoscience than science. Slowly people started approaching the founder to help them get in shape, especially medical cases and competitive athletes. This is when where GENESIS was born, which slowly expanded to a full team of coaches training people across the world.
We R Stupid started with the idea of busting myths and clearing the clutter from unscientific and self made knowledge, and instead provide evidence based facts, in the field of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle. It has now expanded to a following of over 600k, on different social media platforms. We R Stupid is the first of its kind social media platform in India, which will helps fight the wrong, which people have been rightly following for so long.

A Blend of Technology and Practical Aspects
Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it's even hard to keep up. We are not accepting the fact that both technology and physical tasks are equally important. Times have demonstrated the need for technology, as in the case of the Covid era. Since they were so convenient and helpful for individuals with busy lives, several online fitness platforms expanded greatly during the epidemic and have continued to do so.

But, the second issue is that, it really doesn't matter, whether you are extensively using technology solutions or going the old school way, because at the end of the day, if you want to get results, a pushup has to be done on ground, and no one will do it for you. So, it's always a perfect mix of technology and practical aspects.

By consistently providing clients highest quality of products and services, the company & its associated brands have expanded to over 42 countries around the world

Contribution to the Fitness World
The company today has a wide range of online platforms for various tasks. For instance, Genesis it is an online fitness and nutrition training to thousands of individuals, in virtually every age group & profession and in over 42 countries across the globe. MangoHerbs provides you the purest natural products, which are backed by solid scientific research. The K School it is an online course platform, which is growing steadily. We R Stupid offers a wealth of information in the field of fitness, nutrition and supplementation. It is delivered in the form of free blogs, eBooks, and videos.

Enrolling in Genesis program is very simple process. Just people have to visit the official website,, and interested people can read and register with the Genesis online training program. They can even speak to the entire team to discuss about their health, before beginning and the transformation journey.

A Group of Experienced Professionals
The company offers best in class advice with its highly trained expert instructors to guide effectively through the course for optimum results. They simplified Health & fitness study, effective & engaging through our online courses which help you grasp quality knowledge with ease. The course material is structured and formulated in way to suit each individual and provide useful material for effective growth.

In order to grow a venture, one need an equally effective team, comprising of people, specialized in various facets of company's needs. The company's team, which was built step by step, today comprises of dedicated individuals, handling social media, IT, marketing, Admin, Logistics, Finance, and clients. USP of We R Stupid, Genesis, MangoHerbs, and all upcoming ventures can be described in one single world `Trust'.

To build a great company it is important to have an extremely dedicated team. There are various professionals contributing to IT management, marketing &sales, online branding, financial management, along team of experienced fitness coaches handling hundreds of clients.

The Road Ahead
The company is currently focusing on growth on all fronts, which includes reaching a much larger audience online on all social media platforms, doubling our product line and revenue in MangoHerbs, increasing client acquisition and revenue in Genesis, expanding TheKSchool online education platform, and taking a new step towards motivation & lifestyle guidance for students, through the new upcoming concept of TheKSchool.