Weaving Vibes: New Age Organization with a Long Lineage in Textile Manufacturing

Shripat Jagirdar,FounderWe humans drape our bodies in fabric every day. But, rarely do we offer thought to the contents of these fabrics, or to the huge advancements in fabric manufacturing that have helped us to put on stretchy, water-repellent, low-cost, and even odour-resistant comfort. A new age trend sweeping the textile industry has been the rise of eco-friendly versions of popular fabrics. This includes two strategies in particular: recycled fabrics and biodegradable variants of common synthetic materials. A firm committed to bringing such sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics is Weaving Vibes.

Run under the guidance of Shripat Jagirdar, he in-spires the Weaving Vibes team to provide sustainable, biodegradable, 100 percent natural plant based fabrics. Shripat has picked up the nuances of the business from his previous generations by spending time on the Production floor. Headquartered in Mumbai, Weaving Vibes has its own manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 3,00,000 metres of fabric per
month. The company's manufacturing experience is distributed across a huge assortment of plant-based fabrics such as Hemp, Cotton, Bamboo, Banana, and their blends.

Forging Diverse & Distinctive Innovations
When Shripat became part of the business, he realized that need to do things differently. Consequently he decided to shift Weaving Vibes' manufacturing capabilities to both sustainable fabrics and sustainable practices. While researching, he watched several documentaries and readvarious articles about what happens to garments once they are disposed of, the amount of pollution created by garment disposal and the pitfalls of quick fashion. Shripat then began to look for alternate sources of fabrics that will be more environmentally friendly. This led him to Hemp Fabrics and the thus Weaving Vibes was founded in 2020.

The company believes in partnering with the new age fashion enthusiasts, who can purchase the fabrics in smaller quantities directly from the company's website and can innovate and experiment into creating new products with them.

Banking on Young India's Foresight
Weaving Vibes is fairly new in the industry and so is the Indian sustainable industry. But within a short span of time, the company has built a global clientele and a strong local presence as well. "We are on a parallel journey with India's sustainability industry. Local markets in India are still at a developing stage when it comes to sustainable fabrics and a lot of education, re-programming of mind-sets is required," says Shripat.

Weaving Vibes is eager to enter into untapped global markets and to emphasize on R&D to innovate and create better fabrics. The company believes that young India is going to make a radical change in terms of adopting sustainability. With much of the country's population being young and the driving force of the economy, demand for the company's fabric is only going to increase. Weaving Vibes, through the website and social media channels, is reaching out to this young audience and is educating and increasing awareness about sustainable fabrics. The company also plans to expand its manufacturing capacity by early 2022.