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Ashonal Pereira,Director & CEO

Ashonal Pereira

Director & CEO

The 1991 economic reforms in India gave a fillip to India's IT sector. It's been 28 years ever since, and India is already gearing up for the next technological revolution as the third biggest start-up hub, globally. Particularly, Mumbai has registered remarkable figures in the number of start-ups in the last four years. If every city you live in shapes you as a person, Mumbai shapes you as an entrepreneur too; so they say. With new-generation start-ups burgeoning and with numerous educational institutes setting-up incubation tech centres within their premises, Mumbai seems to be once again demonstrating the kind of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that led the first wave of IT in the country. However, it does continue to suffer from inadequate infrastructure, high operational costs, varying market dynamics and a whole host of other woes. Yet, the sheer energy of the city, the business environment, huge talent pool, and its global linkages make it an attractive base for innovative new ventures. After all, it's the city of dreams! Founded in 2017, Webboxstudios is an independent creative studio focused on design, development and marketing. The start-up has been assisting Corporates, SMEs, MSMEs and Non-Profit Institutions to get started in a professional and cost-
effective manner with an ultimate objective to maximize their ROI.

"With Mumbai being our fortress on genetic, academic & professional fronts, it has been a great experience so far, especially when we are aware of the market dynamics," says Ashonal Pereira, Director & CEO, Webboxstudios, “our ultimate objective is to revolutionize the 'one-stop shop' scenario in the field of modern technology.”

Giving into his passion & continuous desire to learn & unlearn aspects of design, development & marketing, Ian Pereira founded Webboxstudios, who is the currently the Founder & Director of the company. Ashonal enlightens that Ian's adaptability quotient across all verticals resonates within the company as a benchmark that the others aim to replicate. Moreover, playing a pivotal role, Nevin Chonkar, Director & Creative Head and Sneyden Pereira, Director & CTO add a whole new dimension & vibe to the entire business ecosystem. The zeal and innate passion of the team towards consumer centric approach is reflected through their work which helps them create meaningful experiences for its clients. "Our business revolves around digital marketing where we continue to create unique communication platforms for all our clients in a compelling manner,” explains Ashonal.

Webboxstudios core service offerings include a diverse mix of design, development & marketing coupled with brand strategy and marketing advisory

Smitten by innovation, Webboxstudios team has been extensively developing AI technology, Chatbot's, and AR/VR driven products which clients can incorporate during their marketing & sales lifecycle process. Encompassing an umbrella of 'Everything at Once' ideology, Webboxstudios core service offerings include a diverse mix of design, development & marketing coupled with brand strategy and marketing advisory.

Depending on clients business objectives, this start-up offers customized yet cost-effective marketing strategies. With a global client portfolio spanning across India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, China, France & Italy, the company plans to expand its business to other geographies in the near future, and Webboxstudios seeks for strategic collaborations and investor support to further script many more success stories.