Weben Tech: Artisan's Laboratoire

Bhushan Kalvani,FounderThe establishment of Weben Tech is an epitome for the saying `small interests can turn into big ideas'. While Bhushan Kalvani was very much fascinated by the technology trends around us, he always aspired to leverage its benefits and come up with solutions that could make people's life easier & business managing scenarios much better. His tech-savvy entrepreneurial journey began at a young age by developing software for his personal use like simple browsers, calculators and invoicing software for his business. Though he was a corporate professional, the passion to venture a firm that would help people with all the IT needs didn't fade away. Aspiring to fulfill his dream, he established Weben Tech late in the year of 2017.

The company caters to core IT services that include website design & development, mobile applications, branding by designing artworks and others. Zooming into a bigger picture, the startup also builds products for businesses like backend server included in web portals and mobile apps which constitutes an entire product to the client.

The startup interweaves the elements of businesses with advanced technology to provide best-fit solutions to the clients. It builds, integrates and harmonizes
everything in the field of IT to the right amount of quality products, true to the expectation of the customers. It believes in pushing the bounds for the enterprises by proving what suit them. Starting from information gathering and discussion with the experts, the company understands their requirements. It strives to gain an in-depth idea of how to fit into their strategy. The brand also provides clients with optional technologies and allows them to choose what fits them. At every step of the development process, Weben Tech focuses to offer finely-tuned products & solutions. "We are a laboratory where all highly skilled professionals in Information Technology love to come together and experiment, build & implement something new for the clients," says Bhushan Kalvani.

Weben tech works with hybrid technologies to expand the existing systems used by the customers

He further adds, "We constantly strive to be a one-stop-shop for all the IT needs. We believe in keeping it smooth and simple for the clients while we do the heavy lifting behind the scenes."

The Brighter Side
Weben Tech works with hybrid technologies to expand the existing systems used by the customers. "The company was started to use the power of hybrid technologies to build futuristic systems. As the technologies keep changing, it is tough to constantly shift to newer technologies. We bridge this gap in adapting to technology trends and bring them to the current tech level with minimal cost," he informs.

”Scaling up to heights, it aims to grow the team to handle at least 2 international clients by the end of the fiscal year 2020”

The Journey
Beginning the journey from his room at Bhushan's home, for almost 6 months he was a one man army handling the entire business process of the company. With slow and steady growth, Weben Tech grew to a 500 sqft office at present. Starting with small projects, the company is now working on three huge projects, one being from Singapore. It has also successfully executed several other best-in-class projects in the short span. Scaling up to heights, it aims to grow the team to handle at least two international clients by the end of the fiscal year 2020. The futuristic brand is also in talks to expand its presence in Bangalore, Ahmedabad & Mumbai.