Webure Technologies: Consult, Create & Collaborate

Nitin Saxena,Founder& Director-Operations

Nitin Saxena

Founder& Director-Operations

Wide spread connectivity & cloud computing are shaping more flexible work style for employees of today’s generation, who want to use their favorite devices, software & services from anywhere anytime. However, to facilitate this, organizations must be aware of diverse applications, softwares & technologies that grant secure access to its database even outside the campus. Though there are myriad of Enterprise Software providers offering such tools & solutions, not all companies can boast of being successful in delivering the required results and are often not compliant with the company’s regulations. Eclipsing many such companies and establishing a strong foothold in the industry is Webure Technologies, a Bangalore-based software development & IT solutions startup.

Creating Value Out Of Nothing

Webure was founded in August this year by Nitin Saxena with a vision to offer customer-centric IT solutions for all enterprise needs. Working on the principle of ‘Consult, Create &
Collaborate’, the company successfully crosses all of customer’s hurdles by handholding them. Webure specializes in providing innovative solutions across SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, DaaS, e-Commerce, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Cloud Based Application on subscription based model and many more.

Webure Technologies is planning to scale its business growth by acquiring a smaller business and offering franchise ownership to other entrepreneurs

Finding the right business opportunity, sketching a potential business idea to make the most out of that opportunity and forging the solution into a business plan was a hard nut to crack for Webure just like any other startup. “While others only see the problem, an entrepreneur visualizes each problem as a business opportunity,” says Nitin, Founder & Director-Operations, Webure Technologies. Combining its solid business domain skill sets, expertise in the latest technologies and the profound knowledge of the latest technologies & trends in the industry, Webure has now emerged as a winner in the vast Enterprise Software space with a single platform which offers the best-in-class services.
Redefining the Work-from-Home Culture

Despite being a young fish in this vast startup universe, having a low staff-count has not hindered Webure’s successful entrepreneurial journey.

The company has maintained the quality standards of its services and has successfully delivered the desired results to its clients quickly and precisely. The work culture followed in Webure is transparent and stress-accountable. The employees are value-compatible and enrich the workplace with innovative ideas and new business strategies. The company redefines the work-from-home culture by offering a very employee friendly atmosphere. The entire office setup is designed keeping employee’s comfort in mind so that each one of them gets a feel that they are working from their homes, while still being in the office. Additionally, Webure’s Regular Interval Hotspot Program and Process Sharing model keeps the employees exposed to the latest technology trends.

Carrying the Victory Torch Further

Continuing its victory march in this startup battle field, Webure Technologies is planning to scale its business growth by acquiring a smaller business and offering franchise ownership to other entrepreneurs. It will also be getting into definitive agreements with various dealers & distributors in order to pursue new market routes. Taking a bold step, the company is licensing its IP rights to third parties and also coming up with employee stock ownership plans.