Weinvert: A Catalyst for Global Video Marketing Success in the Dynamic Media Industry

Anjan Purandare,   CEOThe video and allied services market has experienced exponential growth in recent years, in keeping with adspend growth and a growing focus on marketing, in spite of the perceived economic slowdown. Businesses are now, more than ever, recognizing the power of video in customer acquisition, leading to a surge in investments in video marketing services. Thus, enlisting services of a reputable, high quality video solutions provider is a no brainer. Besides bringing deep execution expertise, industry insights, and technical proficiency on the table, a trusted media player promises a compelling visual narrative, which is the ultimate clincher towards the end goal of the business in question.

To this end, WEINVERT has emerged as a prominent marquee player, in a short time, with a razor focus on highquality video production services across multiple languages and genres. Founded by Anjan Purandare, a seasoned investment banking professional, WEINVERT has witnessed tremendous growth and success in the industry. The company embarked on its journey four years ago, catering to diverse needs such as translation, PR and marketing consulting. However, the company experienced a significant pivot about two
years ago post an infusion of seed funding, as it delved headlong into the video space. Since then, "WEINVERT has been producing videos in over 70 languages, both domestic and international, setting itself apart by handling the entire production process in house”, says Anjan Purandare, CEO, Welnvert. WEINVERT is also aligned with studios in over 20 cities in India and major cities in North America and Western Europe, through alliances that ensure high quality recording and production services for its clients.

The company specializes in creating high-end videos, ranging from large scale projects to premium ad & brand films destined for OTT platforms

What sets WEINVERT apart from other players in the industry is its unwavering commitment to quality. The company specializes in creating high-end videos, ranging from large scale projects to premium ad and brand films destined for OTT platforms. Another feat the company prides itself in, is its ability to use these multiple domestic and global alliances, ensuring in studio recording options at industry leading turnaround times. While video production remains the core focus of WEINVERT, the company also engages in various other agency functions, including industry leading PR services, influencer marketing specifically geared towards the sports and entertainment industry, marketing and branding advisory and social media advisory. These additional services enhance the company's versatility, enabling it to cater to clients' comprehensive media needs.

With a small, rock solid core team, WEINVERT has adopted the philosophy of “quality over quantity” in its internal processes as well. While the entire management team comprises top MBA’s from ISB, IIM’s and Ivy Schools, the creative talent of the firm hails from rich diverse media back grounds with experience in leading media houses and OTT platforms. Anjan, who himself is a Chemical Engineer from ICT, Mumbai and a double MBA, from NITIE Mumbai and ISB, Hyderabad adds, “Each team member has been carefully handpicked on the basis of skill, academic brilliance and creative edge, making it a winning team that is both incredibly creative and very high on intellectual capability". This is a rare combination in a creative, media set up, and WEINVERT achieves this balance perfectly.