White Falcon Publishing: Revolutionary Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Platform

Navsangeet Kaur Batth,  Founder & Director

Navsangeet Kaur Batth
Founder & Director

One of the fastest growing self-publishing start-ups in India, White Falcon Publishing is said to disrupt the publishing industry with its unique platforms. Established in 2014, White Falcon Publishing has built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand self-publishing platform named Print on Demand for publishing books. Print on Demand(POD), as the name suggests, is about printing books in small sets,instead of maintaining a huge inventory. White Falcon assists authors in publishing their books for global distribution online and has collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse Print-On-Demand providers and book distributors.

“We offer transparency with respect to sales and royalties for the book. Authors can monitor sales and royalties online. Royalties are provided to the author directly on a regular basis. Royalty rate in the new model of publishing is higher than the traditional model as there are fewer intermediaries involved,” says Navsangeet Kaur, Founder, White Falcon Publishing. Unlike self-publishing firms, the company maintains a due
evaluation process in place during the selection of books. “We provide genuine feedback to writers and accept/reject the typescript based on the evaluation,” she says. Besides, White Falcon ensures providing meticulous strategies to advertise and market the books published on the relevant platforms for better sales and visibility. In fact, it walks that extra mile to help popularize the books without any fees charged for the same.

"White Falcon provides a wide range of services to authors to transform their raw manuscripts into published books"

Endeavouring to be a game-changer in the industry, White Falcon provides a wide range of services to authors to transform their raw manuscripts into published books including design services, editing services, marketing and distribution services. Besides, POD, it has two other platforms namely ScholarGram and BooksFun dr. Scholar Gram aims to bring the research work done by scholars in India from the dusty shelvesof their institutes' libraries to the forefront so that the same is easily accessible to anyone and everyone who needs them. BooksFundr is an innovative platform where authors can raise funds for publishing their books through pre-orders.

White Falcon offers affordable and premium quality publishing services to writers. The primary concern is to empower writers with great books so that their works are recognized and read by readers across the globe. She mentions, “Our success can be measured by the number of books that are or have been bestsellers online. Many
of them are award winners. To name a few – India GST for Beginners, The ABC of Real Estate in India, Life I Refuse to Give up, The Magic and Joy of Exploding Dots, Almost Dark”.

“Our authors have earned royalties multi-fold of the initial investment they made in publishing their book with us. Some of the books are A Tale of Two Homes, A Practical Guide for Total Engineering of MW capacity Solar PV Power Project, Rhymes of Whimsy,” she further adds.

The Journey from Day One to One day
As an avid book-reader, Navsangeet forever aspired to become an entrepreneur by best using her skills, education, skills and interests. After she quit her job at Reliance in 2013, her husband encouraged her to explore the area of self-publishing. With a first-hand insight about the publishing industry scene in India and the US, she was further motivated to research various self-publishing models and the challenges faced by authors. An exhaustive market study helped lay the business plan for the self-publishing startup. This marked the beginning of White Falcon.

“Since our start in 2014, we have witnessed 100 per cent growth year-on-year both in terms of the revenue and the number of books published while still keeping strict checks on the quality of the books we publish. We plan to expand our services to foreign authors as well by providing Indian economy editions to cater to a wider Indian audience,” she concludes.