Windie: Transforming Fashion with Sustainable, Traceable & a Transparent Supply Chain

Ashwini Paranjape,   FounderIndia is the largest organic cotton producer and home to a pool of skilled labour in the clothing and fashion industry. As this industry witnesses a shift toward a more sustainable future, India's cultural heritage, textile traditions, and its role as a resource for craftsmanship globally gives it the edge. Young and talented designers in the country are therefore leveraging this shift and incorporating plant based fibers, natural dyes and other processes that promote sustainable fashion. Headquartered in Mumbai, Windie is an example of one such sustainable fashion startup in India, founded by Ashwini Paranjape. Windie's focus has been on being a sustainable brand whose backbone is authentic, transparent and a traceable supply chain. "Quality products and the concept of sustainability is at the core of everything we do in Windie," says Ashwini Paranjape, Founder, Windie.

The journey to becoming a sustainable, traceable and transparent brand began when the key management of Windie were working with boutique brands in the US. They overtime developed a knack to introduce that concept and sustainable process to the clothing industry in India. Thus, in 2019, Windie was founded, a company that specializes in the essence of light, breathable organic cotton clothing essentials.

Sustainable, Traceable & Transparent
Quality first, is the approach followed with every production by the team at Windie. The company believes in sourcing well-monitored, low-impact and certified sustainable fabrics of the highest quality that have been proven to be better for the wearer and the maker. The driving force behind its very first collection is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Organic Cotton. GOTS is driven by four criteria that aim to make the fashion industry accountable, responsible for its people and ultimately the planet. Every clothing wear at Windie has been GOTS certified. "The existence of GOTS enables makers like us to take our very first steps towards building a sustainable fashion brand. Think `Michelin Stars'but for all textile related manufacturers products and processes!", adds Ashwini.

The Company Believes In Sourcing Well-Monitored, Low-Impact & Certified Sustainable Fabrics Of The Highest Quality That Have Been Proven To Be Better For The Wearer & The Maker

At Windie, the focus since its inception is on quality products and not quantity. The company works to ensure complete traceability for its audience from fiber to finished product. It also places utmost importance on quality so as to ensure reduction in waste, and completely maintaining a distance from fast fashion. Unlike many players in the market who have commercialized over time, the team at Windie promises to never compromise on its quality.

Many of its clients have greatly appreciated Windie's products and have even placed repeat orders, this, definitely indicating a positive growth of the company. Its products and its concept have received great traction. The company started with Women's ready to wear comfort clothing, and is hoping to expand into Kids and Men's wear. It hopes for stability in the next two years, operational efficiency and aims to add many more categories in its bucket of offerings. And lastly, even amidst the unregularized industry, the company will ensure that its products are strictly monitored as per the quality standards and be the torchbearers of quality first. "Windie as a brand purely works toward delivering quality products and will not compromise even if it impacts the commercial aspect. We want to be the front leaders to create a sustainable brand that ticks all the boxes and adds value as a product", concludes Ashwini.