Winnerspitch: Integrating Clean Energy with Sustainable Development

Neeraj Chawla,Founder
Neeraj Chawla, Managing Director

Winnerspitch is an idea born out of the desire of Neeraj Chawla, an industry veteran who has about 25 years of industry experience in India and overseas. The idea of establishing a venture dedicated to the cause of promotion of integrating Clean Energy with sustainable development was triggered by his motivational ambition of self-driven entrepreneurship. Backed by his father - A Petroleum Engineer from IIT(ISM), who worked under the guidance of Padma Bhushan Col. SP Wahi - Chairman ONGC, and Powergrid CMD Sh. R K Narayan,Neeraj founded Winnerspitch in 2012. The thought was to contribute to optimizing the supply-demand balance of the energy sector.

The company had a humble beginning and eventually chose to pursue EPC route for installing Solar Plants on rooftops of Educational and Industrial units. During this period Stalwarts like Prof. B B Dhar, Mr. N N Gautam guided the spirit behind the thought of replacing the usage of dirty fuels in favour of Clean Technologies. “With new technologies, clubbed with the team’s strengths,we managed to gain customer confidence. In a short period,we grew as a private limited company in Renewable Energy domain catering full support to the partners and clients,” speaks Neeraj.

Winnerspitch is known to focus on the main resource which drives economy viz ENERGY, its sources,
utilization, cost, efficiency, options and market relevance. It helps in designing and developing organizations with respect to its energy optimizations needs. Neeraj informs, “Our focus has been rooftop and we have been reasonably successful in on-boarding corporate clients and best of Institutes /schools during this period likes of JTEKT Sona, Sona BLW, Eicher Schools, Shiv Nadar Schools and University, Salwan Schools, Sona Fuji Kiko, Koyo Bearing, HCL, Deviyani Industries among others” adds Neeraj. “Recently the company also launched itself into Retail/Residential business and is getting real good success,” states S K Chawla.

"Offering the best of the breed of integrated solution resulting in the integrated organization with high productivity optimized with the latest technologies is the ultimate vision of Winnerspitch"

In the arena of consultancy and advisory setups with agile intervention skills in unique services, the company offers services related business solutions, training and education, supply chain management, IT, HR techniques, among others. It also helps to conduct management audits and team building exercises. The target audience can be diversified in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups as lower working levels at sites to multidisciplinary senior management groups including GM’s,spread across various disciplines. “We started our company with these thoughts but we realized that it offers quick returns only on actual project management and Therefore the above-mentioned advisories need to be taken on a longer-term basis,”says SK Chawla.

The Silver Lining
Offering the best of the breed of integrated solution that results integrated organization with high
productivity optimized with the latest technologies is the ultimate vision of Winnerspitch. “On the ground, we have used the best of breed Twin Peak /Perk technology product with Multiple MPPT string inverters,(PLC)Load Managers, Scada - IoT based integration of equipment for Operational excellence and uninterrupted advantage to users,” mentions Neeraj.

What makes Winnerspitch stand out in the crowd is its capability to mobilize talent from the middle and senior level experts. “We not only advise but follow as our own expertise dynamic and efficient multi-layered teams in the implementation of projects, get returns and keep the wheel moving,” adds S K Chawla.

S K Chawla, CEO& Chairman

Development over the Years
The journey of Winnerspitch so far has been extremely stimulating in terms of results vis-a-vis massive efforts. Considering the success rate, new customers and repeat business,the team is doing quite well and doubling revenues and its customer base.“In the years to come,we wish to be global players and transfer identical and suitable techniques and technology across which leads to Energy conservation, Overall efficiency, and integration of innovative ideas. We realize the impact of social and economic diversities and would like to concentrate on specific opportunities across the globe with local associates and investors,”Neeraj concludes.