Winnovative Solutions: A Leading Firm Developing Bespoke Cybersecurity & IT Infrastructure Solutions

 Vartika Singh, Head-Pre-sales & Abdul Rahim Shaikh, Head-Customer Success, Riyaz Shaik, Head-OperationsThe rising penetration of and dependence on digitization of functions and scalability of IT infrastructure across businesses is leading to a greater demand for cybersecurity solutions. The increasing digitization is also resulting in growth of cyber threats like malware and phishing among others. As a result, the market, valued at $4.70 billion is expected to reach a market value of $10.90 billion by 2029.

As the industry continues to advance, Winnovative Solutions, a bootstrapped, Mumbai based cybersecurity startup, is making great strides, designing and developing innovative next-gen out of-the-box solutions for diverse industries. Excelling in selective domains, the firm is founded and headed by seasoned professionals with combined decades of experience in cybersecurity and IT infra sectors.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Since establishment, Winnovative has carved a distinctive reputation for providing top-notch information security and IT infrastructure consultancy services to some of the most prominent industry trailblazers across Asia-Pacific and globally. The firm’s focus lies with application white listing (a robust method for protecting known and unknown threats), file integrity monitoring (which detects changes to a file system and captures this change in real time), IT asset
discovery and AI-based threat detection(which learns the digital footprint of the organization and detects anomalies) and infra monitoring solutions, privilege access management, data discovery and governance, and network performance analytics (to monitor network traffic via snmp and net flow).

Extending its services to multiple industries including finance and banking sectors, software solutions, pharmaceuticals, telecom, manufacturing, e-commerce, and government departments. To effectively service these diverse sectors, Winnovative’s team consists of consultants who possess the necessary industry certifications, a vast industry specific skill-set encompassing first-hand knowledge of diverse technologies and environments.

“The inspiration for establishing Winnovative came from the core team’s experience in the IT Infra and IT sector domain. We realized that there are no organizations trying to find something unique and help customers resolve their challenges. Our company’s core objective is to suggest the best solution to our customers and own up the solution and ensure that customers get value from it. We believe in simplifying things and delivering good results to our customers”, shares Ashish Singh, Director.

The firm is currently engaged in building competence on network designing and incident management one-time service. Winnovative boasts the development of solutions that offer a very strong performance and return on investment for the customers.

With a positive attitude, Winnovative has always considered challenges of establishing visibility and trust in the market as building blocks that have helped refine and define the company’s operations, values and ethos. Additionally, the firm’s ever growing zeal for exploring new domains and untapped technologies and opportunities drives it to stay ahead in the industry and updated with the advancements in the global security landscape.

Future Roadmap

“Our vision is to simplify complex customer problems by our smart innovative solutions, and our mission is to persist in our endeavor to resolve customer challenges in IT in a most innovative way. We strive to think differently and bring about change and advancement of the industry through our solutions that are customized for our clients”, further adds Ashish.

With the aim of fulfilling its vision, the firm is geared up to continue working on innovative technologies, particularly those that will help add value to mid and large sized enterprises. Moreover, the company is consciously fostering an innovative culture of work and an environment which inspires every team member to achieve outputs that bring a positive impact to the customers as well as the IT landscape as a whole.