Winself Healthcare:Offering Comprehensive Healthcare Ecosystem to Win Health

Abhiraj Singh Gour,Founder & Director

Abhiraj Singh Gour

Founder & Director

Ayushi Singh and Abhiraj Singh Gour believe that ‘Entrepreneurship has no bar on age. It’s never too early or late to start’. With the global pharmaceutical industry eyeing India as a sourcing hub and the market experiencing a new wave of opportunities, the duo decided to start their own venture in their youthful 20s. The quest to offer best-of-breed pharmaceutical products at affordable price and Abhiraj’s extensive rich industry experience has given the young minds a much needed push to turn their passion into a successful business. Thus, in the year 2014, they entered the realm of healthcare by laying the foundation of Winself Healthcare – one of the finest pharmaceutical companies of today, which is powered by 3R’s – Relieve, Reinforce and Rejuvenate. Today, the privately-owned company vests its focus on developing, manufacturing & distributing generic and over-the-counter brands (OTC). “The developed markets are matured in terms of their spending towards the
pharmaceutical industry, where in the trend in India is growing day-by-day. This has also paved the path for new manufacturing industry to contribute towards the GDP and we have a big scope to view the bigger picture,” asserts Ayushi Singh, Co-Founder & Director – New Business & Sales, Win self Healthcare.

The Differentiating Factor

The Thane headquartered company takes greater pride in its world-class WHO GMP certified quality products, which are in fact scarce to be found in the industry. The ISO certified company offers a product portfolio consisting of broad-spectrum of pharmaceutical products to its growing clientele. Its multivitamin & minerals capsule with Ginseng (a Chinese herb) called Live Pro is creating a steer within the healthcare domain. This capsule plays a vital role in preventing aging related degenerative disease, decrease insulin resistance & nerve symptoms related to type-2 diabetes, boost immune system and more. Such profound achievements of the company have already blown the trumpet for Winself, while the company has just begun its journey.

With creative break throughs and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, Winself was successful in establishing strong presence in eight markets across the country, which the bigwigs often fail with their mundane practices. Accomplishing its core mission to
provide trusted medicine that help people lead healthier lives makes Winself a winner’s choice.

Crafting a Positive Work Milieu

Abhiraj and Ayushi believe that it is the positive work milieu that binds the team together and therefore, follows an open work culture within the organization. Housed with a talent pool of 20 young professionals and an outsourced manufacturing unit, the organization offers bunch of perks including flexibility, entertainment and challenging work environment. The young minds at Winself are passionate and talented with rich experience in pharmaceutical and marketing industry. To keep its people updated with the latest technologies, the company is planning to develop software which is a pharmaceutical marketing system. “We want our sales team to carry iPad rather than handouts, books and folders to market our products, thus filling flesh to our mission of automating our endeavors,” she adds.

Rolling Out Plans for the Future

Counting several success stories, Winself is looking forward to embrace export level projects in the coming days. With strong presence in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the company envisions establishing themselves as a national brand through their innovative products in India. The organization is also planning to open manufacturing units.