Wisemindz Ventures: Committed Towards The Overall Development Through Experiential Learning

Sachin Dhakate, FounderEducation through experiential learning is caught in the dichotomy and polarized for the thoughts being usage of digital platform and non tech gadget free pedagogy. The future is the effective collaboration of both the methodologies. The high end VR and AR are still way expensive and cannot be easily adopted for effective learning in K-12 education. Currently the K-12 segment is around 1.5 million schools with over 260 million students and further is pegged at a value of $52 billion. With 28 percent market share for books, stationery and other ancillary services, the growth of experiential learning is on the cards. Leveraging this opportunity is Wisemindz Ventures whose primary aim is to have a strong digital platform which can be a mentor’s guide and simultaneously with its experiential learning tools ensure continuous engagement and enhance the learning outcome of a child. “We want to reach to the tier 2 and tier 3 towns where there is no dearth of talent but do not have accessibility to the right avenues. Our aim is to provide trained mentors at these locations to ensure the access to technology as well as effective knowledge transfer. We are building a team of tech experts who shall complement with our ideology. We want to be in the experiential learning space and will sooner be taking the mix of click and mortar,” explicates Sachin Dhakate, Founder.

Education through experiential learning leads to the overall development of an individual. The traditional pedagogy is taken over by the digital subscription based learning. However, there still remains a lot of questions unanswered as the same concoction is been served to all type of learners. Wisemindz strives to make a difference in experiential learning through its STEM, Math and English program. “As an entrepreneur, I have come to believe that the solutions of experiential learning should be in use to our surrounding environment. There is a huge gap between the expectation of a curriculum and actual learning outcome of the child through a traditional method of learning. Experiential learning ensures a different platform to different individuals. The same kit can be learned in so many different ways by different set of learners. Over the years we have fine tuned, reformed and devised new set of activities,” asserts Sachin. The company further continuously makes innovation in its
approach and turns up with a fresh set of solutions that can holistically develop a student.

The Founding Story
While working in the K-12 domain and implementing integrated curriculum solution for over 10000 schools pan India, handling a team of 400 people, launching a books division as the President in one of the leading education companies, perceived the gap in knowledge dissemination in schools. He realized that the activity based learning was not really brought to be as age appropriate content. Moreover the activity based programs were said to be time consuming, costly and diversion of the traditional learning practices. With a mission to change this belief, he zeroed in upon organizing experiential learning programs doing workshops in Mumbai, Indore and Nagpur. With his K-12 relations, he got an opportunity to work with Vibgyor Group Bangalore, Poddar World School Group Mumbai. “During this period, we fine tuned our programs, ran through the iterations and made it in curriculum ready. The programs of Abacus and Vedic Math have been moreover mishandled by half baked trainers and net surfers making it more difficult for a child to learn. While speaking to over 2000 odd parents and more than 300 principals, we understood that the program has to focus on more intrinsic behavioral aspect of a child. For that it has to be part of a curriculum. We devised a platform that can be affordable to each child at a fraction of cost as compared to the existing market price. This is how we marked our beginning,” he informs.

Wisemindz is enabling technology platform for facilitating the schools and the experiential hubs for better knowledge transfer

Through all its products, the company ensures that the child explores through hands on activity based learning. It focuses on creative wisdom that accelerates holistic development, gives exposure to left brain and right brain activity from early childhood that brings the best out of the students. Through the programs, it aims to expose the child to the right learning environment so that effective learning happens in a fun way. They can learn skills in leadership, community involvement, communicating across different technology platforms, finding their passions, and teamwork, which will position them for success well beyond their school years.

The Growth
During the first full year of operations in 2018-2019 in September 2018, Wisemindz strategically shifted base to Nagpur. During 2018-19, it generated revenue over INR 3 million with a combined order contracts of more than INR 10 million and the team is geared up to make INR 10 million in revenue and an order book size of INR 30 million by June 2020. “We are looking at INR 30 million order size by June 2020. We are enabling technology platform for facilitating the schools and the experiential hubs for better knowledge transfer. With right kind of investment in next three years, we can build a successful platform for revenue over INR 200 million,” he concludes.

Sachin Dhakate, Founder
Driven by passion to change the face of education in India through experiential learning, Sachin ensure that every child who is eager to study should get access to the experiential learning program rather than a desired product. An IIM Lucknow pass out, Sachin has worked with big names like Birla group, ICICI Bank, The Times of India Group. His last assignment was as a President Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Office Headquarters: Nagpur
Offerings: Abacus, Vedic Math, Robotics, Science Kits, Psychometric Test, Career Counselling, ERP, English