Wizely: Building a Personalized Saving Experience for Users

Nihar Bobba,Co-founder
Nihar Bobba, Co-founder
From shopping, planning vacations to meeting up an unexpected expense, all requires finance. Staying ahead of finances is considered to be an important goal as well as a constant challenge. As it is said keeping track of finances takes disciplines, it at the same time, requires enormous efforts for an individual to develop a saving habit and manage it accordingly. Some times, people tend to end up with choices that create expenses instead of encouraging savings. For instance - borrowing funds to meet the immediate requirements. Deeming this as a major problem in the long run, many companies have emerged in the fintech space to assist people to inculcate a savings habit in them with the help of technology.

One such company in this unique space is Wizely. Founded by a group of well-experienced professionals with hands-on expertise in building large-scale
data-driven businesses around the globe, Wizely missions to make aspirations attainable and affordable by simplifying the process of saving. “Led by a collective wisdom to make aspirations fulfilled through a simple saving process, we at Wizely continuously strive to inculcate a saving habit among the users so that they do not fall in the trap of debt. We also have set ourselves distinct in the fin-tech space by being a first-of-its-kind company that is into the saving business rather than personal lending and investment arena,” says Nihar Bobba, Co-Founder.

"At Wizely, we are making aspirations attainable & affordable by changing the way India saves"

Technology Enabled Digital Platform
Wizely as a new age digital finance company combines the state-of-the-art of technologies and innovative design thinking to craft a banking experience that is engaging, elegant, fun and rewarding. Nihar asserts,“Our platform allows customers to develop a disciplined saving habit to achieve their goals in the simplest and least intrusive way.”

The core personalization platform of Wizely is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Algorithms. As an intelligently built platform to manage finances, it empowers the users to save regularly in a seamless manner. The company through its technology-enabled product aspires to transform the way how Indians look at saving experience. Being the first-of-its-kind company to apply gamification principle approach to financial services, Nihar explains, “Our AI and ML algorithms help us to deliver an adaptive learning approach and personalize the experience of the users automatically.” Today, Wizely not only caters to a large segment of the population who are eager to save and spend but also is on the track to deliver a highly personalized and planned saving experience to them.

With a team of 25 employees, Wizely focuses on the consumers and tries to fulfil their short-term savings need. Currently, it has partnered with Yes Bank for UPI related and financial settlement services. Backed by a marquee early-stage VC firm-Javelin Venture Partners, it also has a strong global advisory board. Since inception, Wizely has acquired 200,000 users in just four months and has generated an exceptional traction and growth. “We are in plans to better our product and make it reach the first million users in the next few months,” he concludes.