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Arvind Kothari, Founder & CEO

Arvind Kothari

Founder & CEO

The global business intelligence market was valued at 23.1 billion in 2020 and it is expected to reach 33.3 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 7.6 percent. The demand for cloudbased collaboration tools, content management solutions, and online streaming platforms has increased.

WOVV TECH is a global business productivity SaaS company. Its suite of products is now empowering users across over 3000 locations in 50 countries to digitize their operations, get real-time decision-driven analytics, and improve productivity.

Business Analytics is not anymore just for larger organizations or the finance department alone. In this age of information, forward-thinking organizations are now reaching exciting levels by leveraging the capabilities of innovative new business intelligence (BI) solutions. Business Intelligence (BI) has embarked on a decision making setting; however, a lack of BI strategy and data from multiple sources still remain the major roadblocks in any BI implementation.

WOVV TECH's advanced Business Intelligence product named Wovvbi helps businesses overcome these two major roadblocks seamlessly. WOVV forms an advanced BI solution with predefined KPIs and an open architecture that enables organizations to integrate with multiple data sources. WOVV TECH's architecture is open
to multiple system integrations at the back end to make the most of the power of data for its customers. Also further on, the firm also integrates with any front end interface like Powerbi,Qlikview, Tableau, and more, thus ensuring complete flexibility to the customers.

Supported by a team of expert data scientists, the solution offers industry wise predefined KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) for multiple verticals. Thorough knowledge of the industries with vertical wise business consultants and very strong consideration of BI CSF (Critical Successful Factors) has led to the success of the product which provides an edge over any other DIY Business Intelligence tool.

WOVV TECH products are Enterprise SaaS products that help enterprises aim at business productivity and increase operational efficiency through automation

WOVV TECH has helped achieve desired business outcomes scale, and evolve dynamically through a well defined two pronged approach. Firstly, by focusing on the correct data with detailed analysis of use cases, boundary conditions and business rules. Secondly, by giving a customized DIY visualization view to the end users to represent truly self-service analytics. Founder & CEO, Arvind Kothari states “WOVV TECH products are Enterprise SaaS products that help enterprises aimed at business productivity and to increase operational efficiency through automation. SaaS-based solutions are increasingly gaining prominence across the global digital landscape due to their ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and ondemand scaling capabilities”.

WOVV Products provide incremental ROI(making the product suite absolutely free in addition to a host of other benefits) besides the wow experience. WOVV bi is set to become a complete business insight framework with upcoming feature additions like mobile-based insights, we want to make getting BI insights as easy as talking to Siri or Alexa. “Our customers have incredibly complex data points derived through thousands of data points delivered through an easy dashboard right in their inboxes. With these implementations, we have been able to bring BI to multiple teams and departments and not keep reports as a function of finance teams alone”, shares Arvind.

WOVV Technology prides itself as one of the most competent, market experienced, and ever evolving SaaS companies led by a pro team of professionals who dedicate their expertise to developing topnotch business software and services and the firm aims to continue to do so on a global scale.