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Bhavana Pandey,Founder & Chief Content Strategist

Bhavana Pandey

Founder & Chief Content Strategist

Ideas are things that come and go and fairly frequently too. However, great ideas usually spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration. An entrepreneur’s mind revolves around new ideas and opportunities for innovation. And this is exactly the story of Bhavana Pandey. When a gap, an idea, an opportunity comes together businesses begin and that’s how Wytti, the brainchild of Bhavana, came into being. The seeds for this business were sown when Bhavana launched an experimental content marketing firm as a part of her Entrepreneurship project at IIM Ranchi in 2014. Later, during her tenure as a marketeer at Hindustan Times, she closely witnessed the changing needs of the clients from traditional advertising to content-enabled marketing. She also perceived that while brands had begun realizing the need for content marketing, they hardly had anyone to handhold them through a holistic content strategy while ensuring quality and affordability. Draining unreasonable amounts of money on conventional forms of advertising was a stereotype and so she went that extra mile to break the clutter with creative storytelling. The time was ripe and in 2018, relying on her experience, skills and creative instincts, she commenced her entrepreneurial journey with Wytti.

Best known as a foundry of expert professionals who work together as one entity to deliver highquality bespoke content, Wytti crafts original, memorable, appealing and engaging content. The firm acts as a content consultant who is willing to go the extra mile to understand any business story
and to strike a partnership with them for growth. “Our strength lies in bridging the gap between'what the audience wants to hear'and'what businesses want to say’. Analytics helps us understand the pulse of the target audience, while our storification process helps us build brand stories that are memorable, engaging and can trigger customer action,”says Bhavana.

Creatively led, strategically driven- that’s us in a nutshell.

Overcoming the Challenges

Generic content creators cannot create great content until and unless they are well versed with the industry for which they are creating content. Several industries such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare need niche content for emerging as a thought-leader. Understanding this, team Wytti has created a network of senior professionals and subject matter experts from various industries to cater to niche content requirements. Besides, the team aims to educate marketers about the current best practices and the need for them to proactively embrace ROI-friendly marketing strategies and tactics. “We understand a brand’s business objectives and align our content marketing strategy to meet those objectives. We are open to iterations till we arrive at a mutually agreeable stage,” informs Bhavana.

The Growth

Over the years, Wytti has carved a niche in the market and has assembled clients from across geographies including major cities in India as well as abroad UK, USA, Australia, Thailand and Dubai. Some of its clients are Hindustan Times, Radio Mirchi, Werner Finley, Extramarks, SuperProfs, Bodega, Kalp Digi, BBP, and Marke Synergist.

In terms of revenue, the company generates them from a variety of streams including content consulting, content creation and content distribution while encompassing a variety of formats including blogs, press releases, presentations, videos, social media marketing, brochures, email campaigns, product descriptions and others which come under the umbrella of content marketing.

In the coming years, Wytti plans to stay agile in its approach towards the adoption of new industry trends and best practices for its clients. “Since creativity lies at the core of everything we do, we are looking forward to skilling and res-skilling employees across industries. We would also be conducting workshops on creativity, communications and change management for training corporates to gear up for the world of today and tomorrow,” she concludes.