Xi Finserv: Your Personal Financial Assistant!

Priyank Agarwal,  Founder & Chief Financial Controller,Sachin Gupta, 	 Co-Founder &Marketing Director

Priyank Agarwal, Founder & Chief Financial Controller

Sachin Gupta, Co-Founder &Marketing Director

“The journey at Xi Finserv is definitely a story I would love sharing with my kids, not because its our story but because it teaches some unique prospects about life and entrepreneurship. I still remember the poem from 8th standard by Robert Frost -The road not taken and today I’m happy to be a part of “the road not taken” and can feel the emotions poet has drafted in few beautiful lines” says Priyank Agarwal. Priyank being a graduate in finance was working as an equity investment consultant, for startups gradually procured a good relationship with different professionals from banking and finance. In the fast moving Fintech space Priyank realized few gaps, problems and opportunity in the market as poor quality leads & conversions were being procured with various online platforms while at the same time for consumers it was not an easy task to identify the right financial product, services & platform /person to trust with finance leading to the birth of Xi Finserv.

Initially the Platform was developed as aggregator platform where we catered the needs of
Loans, Insurance, CA Services, Tax, Accounting,Investments and Personal banking by connecting the potential clients with registered and verified financial professionals around their nearest locality.

Over the years, Xi Finserv has grown to become one of the largest professional, Knowledge Bank & Support System dedicated to serve the financial & banking sector

While we verified the service providers and clients, in our beta run we failed terribly, generating 1500+ service request in loans and CA services while the conversion stood as low as 8. Impeding our operations thereon we leveraged to understand the customers need & how to win their trust.In 2016 Mr. Sachin Gupta joined Priyank with few more experts from various domains Identified that 'Quality is much more important than Quantity, we enabled ourselves to surface in a platform based on ‘Bionic Financial Planning’.

Technology & Human Touch – 'Bionic Financial Planning'
With the extraordinary platform,‘Bionic Financial Planning’that imbibes the combination of robotic advisory & human touch, Xi Finserv sights to bring in an inimitable touch to the financial service offerings. Scrutinizing the analytical & calculation part through robotic system and interpreting financial planning process through the help
of financial planner as it is an aspect of human emotions, Priyank Agarwal, Founder, Xi Finserv explains, “Our planners at first hand try to get an insight of the analytics, emotions of the people and combine the bionic experience for best results. Moreover, to pace with the trending market we are using VR technology to help our client understand their current and probable futures with right financial planning viewing visually thru technology.”

With the primary motive of taking responsibility for all the needs, investment & financial security, Xi Finserv offers a diversified range of product & service. Fortifying the four business domains,viz.- 'Portfolio Management Services, Bionic Financial Planning, Financial Learning Centre & Aggregator’, the ancillary services offered include Crypto Currency Investments, audit & filing, business & personal loans & so on.

Transpires to be the Country’s First Platform in Crypto Currency Investment
Over the years, Xi Finserv has grown to become one of the largest professional, Knowledge Bank & Support System dedicated to serve the financial & banking sector. Headquartered in Mumbai with a marketing office in Jaipur, Pune, and Jakarta. Conceived with two employees in 2015, Xi Finserv today with a 15 member team serves 30 percent of HNI, 50 percent of MNI & 20 percent of LNI clients. The major client consists of TCS, LnT Infotech, Syska& more. Sachin concludes, “By 2025, We wish to launch our flagship product SOPHIA – AI Based Digital Bank System and Sectors in Insurance with Blockchain.”