Xieco: Remote Coaching Subscriptions Tailored to Suit Customers' Need

Manoj Chauhan,CEONoida based Xieco believes Fitness & Health is a mentality. With this belief, Xieco provides a platform to the customers for achieving their fitness goals by providing continuous remote support from selected coaches and dieticians. Xieco’s unique services include personalized remote coaching for diet and exercise by providing support from coaches and dieticians along with a heart rate monitor/pedometer to monitor daily exercise. “Our targeted audience is anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle and customers who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma,” speaks Manoj Chauhan, CEO, Xieco.

The team has developed an android and iOS app and cloud infrastructure to fetch daily exercise and food intake data from customers through their activity trackers. This helps in easy tracking of customer data regularly and ensure them most effective experience with Xieco.

The Eureka Moment!
A few years ago, Manoj was diagnosed with diabetes. As an IT
professional always working on the computer, he lacked a healthy lifestyle. That was the time when one of his fitness enthusiast friends came forward to help him by giving plans on how to start running. It was just the push Manoj needed. So far, Manoj has run 25 half marathons in the past 5 years and he left no stone unturned to gain support from coaches and dieticians to guide him through his fitness journey. It is on this journey as a Marathoner that he realized that there is a gap in the market for personalized remote coaching for anyone who needed help and advice for living a healthy lifestyle. So, he established Xieco in 2016.

"Xieco has developed an android and iOS app and cloud infrastructure to fetch daily exercise and food intake data from customers through their activity track"

Since then, the company has successfully served over 1000 customers in the UK and India by providing them with personalized remote coaching services for weight loss, diabetes care and many more. Xieco has made it possible for people to seek advice from trusted coaches and dieticians remotely, without having high costs attached to it.

An IoT Based Platform Encouraging Fitness
Providing the quintessential services to lead a healthy life, Xieco functions through an IoT platform for customers and assists them in interacting with coaches and dieticians of their choice and track their fitness activities using Xieco heart rate monitor & pedometers.
The team is currently working on building algorithms to analyze customer data for predictive analysis.“We combine technology with personalized coach & dietitian to assist our customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main advantage of an IoT platform is that data from our customers are transferred to our coaches and dieticians fast and securely,” he says.

The company also has developed a mechanism to send regular reminders to their customers. In case, if someone is not active for a certain number of days, the Xieco platform automatically sends notifications to remind them. Along with comprehensive diet and exercise plans, the platform also offers heart rate monitors and pedometers to help track daily activities such as steps, calories, distance and activity time.

Seeing the Good in Every Situation is the Silver Lining
Till date, Xieco has successfully provided corporate wellness programs in various SMEs and conducted regular fitness classes to help employees add an aspect of fitness in their otherwise busy lives. Continuously reinventing themselves, the company has garnered regular clients in both India and UK. “We aim to automate our remote coaching mechanism by building better algorithms and artificial intelligence to serve our customers with better diet and exercise plans along with more comprehensive support,” concludes Manoj.